Brother Spotlights – MAP Officers Part 1

To kick off our new series of Brother Spotlights where we recognize Brothers and their achievements, we will begin with bios about the members of the Executive Board and discuss their plans for the year. If you would like someone from your chapter to be featured in a Brother Spotlight, please send a description about the Brother and a photo to

Immediate Past Satrap – Kelsey E. Johnson

You may recognize Kelsey as a member of Illinois Grad Chapter or as an alum of Chi Chapter of UIC, or even by his moustache and impressive selfie skills. Kelsey has served Kappa Psi in many offices ranging from the Chapter level as Chi Chapter Rockford Emissary, Vice Regent, and I-Grad Liaison to the International level as the International Risk Management Committee Chair. He has also made his mark in Mid-America Province with his previous roles as Satrap, Vice Satrap, and Secretary. Reflecting upon his previous positions and discussing his office of Immediate Past Satrap, Kelsey states, “I have been given the great opportunity to serve MAP since we were founded in 2012. I think it’s my time to take a step back and let the younger generation have a chance to take the reins. I will still be here to serve in a more supervisory role for the Province and to help continue the development and presence of our graduate chapters within MAP.” Along with his remarkable involvement in Kappa Psi, Kelsey has also been involved in the American Pharmacists Association, Asian Pharmacists Association, Community Drug Education Committee, Illinois Council of Health-System Pharmacists, National Community Pharmacists Association, Pharmacy Student Council-Education Policy Committee, The Rho Chi Society, and the Student National Pharmaceutical Association. Kelsey loves Kappa Psi because it is his second family and he considers the Fraternity as his home away from home.


Satrap – Sarah Kuntz

Sarah was drawn to run for the office of MAP Satrap because as MAP Secretary she was able to see the work that goes into leading the province and viewed the role of Satrap as a tremendous opportunity. Sarah describes herself as an introvert and says it often takes some time before she can come out of her shell, but was motivated to become the MAP Satrap since she has never held a position of this magnitude before and found that it has given her the opportunity to step out of her comfort zone and continue to develop her leadership skills. Sarah’s goals for the year include encouraging joint activities between chapters in the Province and pushing for more interaction among collegiate and graduate chapters.  To promote each chapter’s involvement at the Province level, Sarah also aims to have 100% representation of all chapters on all province committees. Sarah is an Initiate of Pi Chapter at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN and graduated in May 2014. She currently is a member of Kansas City Grad Chapter. As a Brother of Kappa Psi, Sarah served as Pi Chapter Vice-Regent, Professional Projects Chair, and Pledge Class President along with her term as Mid-America Province Secretary. She has also become involved in APhA, ASHP, and the Indiana Pharmacist Alliance. What Sarah loves most about Kappa Psi are the friendships she has made over the years and the opportunities the Fraternity has given her both personally and professionally. She states that if it wasn’t for Kappa Psi and the amazing connections she has made, she would not be where she is today. It was through Kappa Psi that she found her PGY1 residency, which has led to her dream job in oncology. Upon graduation from her PGY1 residency at Mercy Hospital in Springfield, MO, Sarah plans on staying at Mercy and continuing her career as a clinical pharmacist and part of their oncology team. Along with finding her dream job through Kappa Psi, Sarah is also married to her husband, Aaron, a 2008 initiate of Pi Chapter.


Vice Satrap – Pinal Shah Gathani

As a member of Delta Nu Chapter, Pinal attends Chicago College of Pharmacy at Midwestern University in Downers Grove, Illinois. Other than Kappa Psi, Pinal has participated in the American Pharmacists Association, Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) and American-Indian Pharmacist Association in America (AIPhA) and was the top 10 finalist for the patient counseling competition for the Midwestern University APhA-ASP chapter this past year. Currently Pinal is interested in community pharmacy, but is keeping an open mind when it comes to APPE rotations. Pinal’s bubbly and outgoing personality, paired with her great sense of humor, positive energy, and willingness to help anyone in need, helped her in her previous Kappa Psi positions as a Co-Pledge Master and Co-Province Chair. One of the things Pinal loves most about Kappa Psi is Brotherhood and how active her chapter is on campus. Pinal states that pledging for Kappa Psi was the most important decision she made through pharmacy school. What she has learned and the amazing Brothers she has met through joining Kappa Psi have impacted her life significantly. The flexibility of the Vice Satrap position is what made Pinal interested in running for the office. She likes that, “as Vice-Satrap, not only am I responsible for Province Planning and the fundraising committee, but I am able to help with any other project MAP is working on.” Pinal’s goals for this year include organizing inter-chapter events for our Province. Specifically, she wants to help organize the mega pledge event for chapters in each state within our Province. Also, Pinal wants to improve on communication between each chapter. She feels that many chapters do similar events such as fundraising and philanthropy and to increase communication will lead to efficient and successful events. Pinal wants to open the floor for chapters to ask for advice and see what works and what doesn’t.

Pinal and Sarah after being initiated into office at the Spring Conclave
Pinal and Sarah after being initiated into office at the Spring Conclave
Sarah Kuntz and Kelsey E. Johnson at the 57th GCC in Denver, CO
Sarah Kuntz and Kelsey E. Johnson at the 57th GCC in Denver, CO

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