Brother Spotlight – MAP Officers Part 3

Continuing our series of Brother Spotlights where we recognize Brothers and their achievements, here are bios about the members of the Executive Board and their goals in office.

If you would like someone from your chapter to be featured in a Brother Spotlight, please send a description about the Brother and a photo to

Chaplain – Tyler Ludwig

As the Mid-America Province Chaplain, Tyler strives to help every chapter get the most out of performing the rituals. After serving as the Chaplain of Chi Chapter at the University of Illinois Chicago, Tyler was driven to become the MAP Chaplain because he enjoys learning more about the history and traditions of the fraternity. Tyler joined Kappa Psi because he wanted a sense of family since he was new to Chicago and did not know anyone. He loves the memories he has made with his brothers celebrating good times and surviving bad exams. Along with Kappa Psi, Tyler is a member of Masonic Lodge #710, NCPA, and APhA. Tyler is keeping his options open for after graduation, but has found psychiatry to be the most interesting topic so far. When Tyler is not busy with pharmacy school or spending time with his Brothers, he enjoys cooking, taking care of his guinea pig Reddenbacher, and having game nights. Tyler’s ability to find the bright side of everything has been a great asset in helping MAP brothers bond and learn about the Fraternity’s traditions.


GCC Delegate – Pratik Shah

As a GCC Delegate, Pratik, helped Mid-America Province Chapters and Brothers prepare for last summer’s GCC in Denver, CO. As a Mid-America Province representative, Pratik worked on pushing the Province nationally.  Pratik created a list of Brothers attending to help keep MAP stay informed and be involved at GCC. He also arranged MAP’s candidate interviews and caucus. After last summer’s GCC, Pratik has been working to help increase involvement of Brothers at the Province and National level. Pratik was interested in serving as the MAP GCC Delegate because he wanted to help brothers from our province form relationships that last outside of GCC. Pratik believes that MAP is a great province and is doing some amazing things that he wanted to demonstrate to our brothers everywhere. Pratik’s favorite moment as GCC Delegate was being able to see brothers excited to attend Province and GCC. He said his experience as the delegate for our province and being able to create the MAP slideshow was amazing.  Pratik describes himself as fun-loving, but determined when necessary. He believes that life is short and full of bumps in the road so he might as well have a little fun with it. Pratik is especially determined at work, but likes to make sure the people he works with are having a good time as well. Pratik was originally initiated from Delta Nu in December of 2008, but eventually changed career paths and returned to pharmacy school where he continued as a brother at Chi Chapter. Pratik has served as the P4 Liaison for Chi Chapter and Illinois Graduate Chapter, GCD for Epsilon Pho, Illinois Graduate Chapter Graduate Liaison, Head of National Longevity Committee, and as the MAP GCC Delegate and Alternate Delegate. He graduated from the University of Illinois Chicago in 2014 and currently is a community pharmacist. He finds his position as a community pharmacist to be highly rewarding and something he looks forward to everyday. Having a great team to work with and to have the opportunity to talk to customers everyday creates unique experiences. Pratik’s favorite thing about Kappa Psi is the unspoken connection you have with your fellow brothers. He loves that regardless of where you are and what you are doing, when you meet another brother there is a certain understanding and it’s great to share a connection especially when it is an interview or new co-worker. Being able to meet fellow brothers and create a friendship with them is what made him join and continue promoting the fraternity through various positions and events.

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