Brotherhood Spotlight – George Crabtree

Trent Doud, from Pi Chapter submitted this spotlight of Brother George Crabtree. Brother George serves as a great example of a Kappa Psi Brother by balancing his academic accomplishments with his extraordinary volunteer work.

George Crabtree is from New Jersey and came all the way to Purdue to study pharmacy.  He is currently a second year pre-professional student, and he was recently offered admission into Purdue’s PharmD program.  In his time outside of Kappa Psi, he is the chapter President of Phi Kappa Theta and also does research for Purdue’s Dr. Hu.  George strives to make his community a better place, and he demonstrates this by being a volunteer firefighter for Middlebush Fire Department.  Previously, he has worked with the Indiana Blood center to set up blood drives, as well as with the local Boys and Girls Club in Lafayette to set up local events.  This past January, George went with Purdue Global Medical Brigades, dentists, doctors, and pharmacists, to help start a medical clinic in Jalaca, Honduras. George is looking forward to his first Mid-American Province.

george crabtree.JPG
George – Middle Back in the Light Blue V-Neck Tee




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