Risk Management Committee

Chair: Brother Patrice Davis, Vice Satrap, kymapvicesatrap@gmail.com

Description:  Committee members will work with their chapters to consider Risk Management when planning Rush/Pledge season over the summer and into the Fall semester. Committee members will also help with reviewing chapter reports and checking that they follow the Risk Management and picture policies. Members will also serve as a liaison in working with keeping their chapters up to date on the current risk management guidelines.


  1. Review risk assessment forms with host chapter prior to conclaves.
  2. Continue to implement a “Code of Conduct” for Brothers to sign at registration for conclaves.
  3. Confirm that all chapters have signed Risk Management forms on file for all Brothers.
  4. Collect chapter reports 2-4 weeks prior to conclave to review to ensure compliance with Risk Management policies and Picture policy.
  5. Collect a list of names for each chapter of Brothers who are on chapter Risk Management Committees and generate a listserv to communicate with them.
  6. Produce and provide a set risk management assessment checklist for chapters to seriously sit down and plan out chapter and pledge events.  This checklist will supplement the materials that are available on the national website.

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