June 2016 Satrap’s Corner

Greetings Brothers,

Satrap’s Corner is my chance every month to let you know what going on “behind the scenes” with Mid-America Province!

  1. Committees:
  • Congratulations to our new MAP Committee Co-chairs and Project Chairs!  We are very confident you will serve our province well!
Committee Chair Name MAP Office Email Address Co-Chair/Project Chair(s)
Risk Management Patrice Davis Vice Satrap kymapvicesatrap@gmail.com Nora Wagner
Philanthropy Jessica Chang Secretary kymapsecretary@gmail.com Sarah Firmani/Elmor Pineda, Jessica Schuler
Auditing Tierney Mull Treasurer kymaptreasurer@gmail.com Lil Herrera/Sarah Lenahan
Awards Jill Shah Historian kymaphistorian@gmail.com Nina Le/Anna Gracheva, Ed Principe
Ritual Adrian Hollis Chaplain kymapchaplain@gmail.com Eva Galka
Legislative Matt Holderly Parliamentarian kymapparliamentarian@gmail.com Edward Oldfield
Communications Emily Hoadley Webmaster webmasterkymap@gmail.com Mark Abadines/Serene Macaraig
Fundraising Antonio Rodriguez/Stephen Jankovic GCC Delegate/Alternate GCC Delegate kymapgccdelegate@gmail.com/kymapalternategccdelegate@gmail.com Cony Hartnett



    • In June, the Philanthropy Committee will be meeting to determine our MAP Philanthropy Cause for the year, and our Risk Management Committee will be meeting to review important components of our policies.  The goal is to have at least 1 meeting for each of our committees during the summer.


  • Graduate Development Committee: Brother Sarah Kuntz is working on putting together this important committee that will focus on development of the Graduate Award and the Collegiate Scholarship.  If interested in joining, please contact Sarah at kymapipsatrap@gmail.com.
  • Collegiate Development Committee: First conference call will be in July, so stay tuned for more information!

2)  Chapter of the Year Form:

  • Updated form will be available to chapters by the end of June!  That way, you can set goals ahead-of-time and keep track of your events throughout the year.

3)  Ten Pin:

  • As described by THE Brother Jenny Donaldson at Spring conclave, the 10 pin is available for purchase once you have attended 10 MAP conclaves.  MAP Historian Jill Shah is coordinating a design contest, so please submit your entries by August 15th!  If you have questions please see her post in the google group or email her directly at kymaphistorian@gmail.com.

4)  Parliamentarian “Learning Experiences”:

  • Stay tuned for the first one coming out this month!  If you have topics you wish to learn more about, please email MAP Parliamentarian Matt Holderly at kymapparliamentarian@gmail.com.

Thank you all for reading and I’ll be back with your next installment in 4 weeks!



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