GCC Delegate 2016-2017 Charges

Brothers Antonio Rodriguez and Stephen Jankovic, GCC Delegate & Alternate GCC Delegate

  • Summer/Fall:  Prepare information sessions for collegiate chapters regarding GCC.  Assist chapters with planning for GCC (delegate fundraising, discussing potential legislative changes as a chapter, etc.)
  • Winter: Set up a cloud drive for chapters to submit pictures/events to include in the GCC Province Report Presentation
  • By end of May, the following should be started:
    • Survey for people going to GCC
    • Work to ensure that all MAP chapters have representation at GCC
    • GCC Brochure ad
    • Carpooling/room sharing google doc
  • Before GCC:
    • Organize GCC delegate ‘Boot Camp’ for collegiate closer to GCC (Robert’s rules refresher, navigating GCC, Province expectations)
    • Ensure all MAP chapters complete delegate-proxy forms for GCC
    • Ensure MAP delegate-proxy form is completed
    • Divide up EC Interviews – the chapter delegates will be responsible for contacting the

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