Historian 2016-2017 Charges

Brother Jill Shah, Historian

  1. Design contest for 10 Pin (the pin that Brothers can earn and purchase after attending 10 MAP conclaves).  Collect submissions and put together a slideshow with all submissions to be shown at Fall conclave, when chapter delegates will vote on behalf of their chapters for the winning design.  Work with Auditing Committee to ensure that the pins can be ordered, made and shipped well before Spring conclave.  Work with auditing committee to collect orders so that the pins can be distributed at Spring conclave.
  2. Conclave: Create a video/slideshow for the closing banquet of the Conclave meeting fun!  Capture all conclave activities on an electronic storage so other brothers can add to the collection as well.  This will launch for Fall 2016 conclave, after coming up with an in-depth plan for monitoring for violation of Risk Management/Picture Policy.   
  3. MASK: Write and submit all MAP updates to the Mask: March 1, July 1, October 1, December 1.  Remind Chapter Historians about MASK updates to ensure 100% participation 7 days prior to deadline.
  4. MAP Newsletters & National Progress Report Growth Opportunities Newsletters.  Jessica will be in charge of collecting chapter submissions and Jill will compile these submissions into a newsletter.  

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