July 2016 Satrap’s Corner

Greetings Brothers,

Happy July 4th to all my Brothers!  It is a pleasure to provide you with a “behind the scenes” glimpse into Mid-America Province Executive Committee Business again this month!  Our executive board has already been working closely with the host chapter, Epsilon Upsilon, to map out an exciting weekend for Fall 2016 conclave in Schaumburg, IL!  This Fall’s program will include a delegate orientation led by Parliamentarian Matt Holderly, a GCD workshop led by Immediate Past Satrap Sarah Kuntz, as well as a Ritual Workshop organized by Chaplain Adrian Hollis.  Epsilon Upsilon has a lot of exciting surprises planned as well!

Several of our committees met for the first time via conference call in June:

  • Risk Management: This committee brainstormed ideas to ensure compliance with fraternity policies both within chapters and during conclaves.
  • Philanthropy: Our new province philanthropy cause has been chosen – American Diabetes Association!  There are so many ways to get involved both at conclaves and beyond.  We’re excited about the prospect of participating with our fellow Brothers in events such as Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes and Diabetes EXPO!
  • Auditing: This committee has been hard at work with updating our budget for the upcoming year, so that we can reassess our spending as a province at Fall conclave.
  • Legislative: They are reexamining our current by-laws and looking for potential improvements to present at Fall Conclave.

In other news, our Secretary Jessica Chang has updated our Chapter of the Year form, and I am pleased to see how this form is a continuous work in progress.  Just like we encourage our chapters to grow and develop, we must continue to grow and develop as a province executive board.  Improving the Chapter of the Year report is just one way that our executive board is trying to continue to expand on the work of our predecessors.

In July, we will have meetings for the Awards, Fundraising, Scholarship and Collegiate Development Committees!  And, of course, stay tuned for the next Satrap’s Corner!



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