2016-2017 Parliamentarian’s Corner 2: Chapter Meetings

As discussed in the Uniform By-Laws (Graduate and Collegiate Uniform By-Law X), the (abbreviated) order of business for Chapter meetings is bolded below. Please consult the Rituals Book for the full list and order of official business:

Call to order (via proper methods)


  • Ritual should be used to open meetings once it has been determined that quorum has been attained.
  • Ritual should only be completed when in a private, secured location.
  • Do not utilize ritual when in doubt.


Discussion and eventual approval of minutes of the previous meeting(s)


  • The Secretary should create a clean and clear draft of the meeting minutes after the conclusion of every meeting for approval at the next meeting.
  • Ensure that the draft copy of the meeting minutes under discussion at the present meeting have been made available to Brothers in advance to facilitate discussion.
  • Display an electronic copy of the meeting minutes during the meeting (if possible) to facilitate discussion of what was written in the draft copy of the minutes.
  • Often, a motion is made to “suspend the rules to bypass the reading of the minutes” which, if approved, allows the Chapter to approve the minutes without reading them orally in their entirety.
  • This requires an affirmative vote of 2/3 of the members present.
  • Meeting minutes must be approved before they are considered final, official records of business conducted by the Chapter.
  • Should the meeting minutes not be initially approved, corrective action must be taken to amend the minutes until they are approved by the Chapter. Business should not proceed until the minutes of the previous meeting have been approved.


Reports of the Officers


  • Each Officer should submit a report of some kind to detail progress on their duties.
  • Such reports need not be read orally during the meeting if other pressing business needs to be addressed.
  • Officers may simply state “Please refer to my report for further information”.
  • In this case, such reports should be provided to the Chapter in advance, if possible.
  • Officers should allow Brothers an opportunity to ask questions regarding the topics discussed in the report.


Committee Reports

  • Committee Chairs should follow the same procedure as previously discussed in the Reports of the Officers section.

Unfinished Business

  • This includes any business that was delayed or unfinished during the previous meeting(s).
    • Unfinished business should be completed before attending to new business to ensure that all business is provided with a reasonable amount of time for discussion/debate.

New Business

  • New business allows Brothers the opportunity to raise any question, topic of discussion, or motion of their choosing.
    • As such, Regents and/or Chapter Parliamentarians must have a fundamental knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order to ensure that they are prepared to lead discussions regarding any topic that may arise during this section of the meeting.


  • This provides Brothers the opportunity to discuss and provide necessary announcements for causes that are in need of Brotherly support.



  • Meetings should be ended via the proper Ritual.
  • Ritual should only be completed when in a private, secured location.
  • Do not utilize ritual when in doubt.
  • Ensure that all ritual items have been collected and are ready to be placed under lock and key once the meeting has concluded.
  • When possible be sure to provide Brothers with the date and time for the upcoming, subsequent meeting.



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