August 2016 Satrap’s Corner

August 26th, 2016

Hello Brothers,

I am pleased to bring you this month’s “behind-the-scenes” glimpse into Mid-America Province Executive Committee business!  The executive committee is getting SO EXCITED about the upcoming conclave hosted by Epsilon Upsilon!  Register ASAP here:!  The deadline for early registration is September 9th, but don’t wait.  Register today!  Okay, I sound like an infomercial….but it’s seriously gonna be awesome!  The agenda along with information about the weekend itinerary can also be located on the website.  Awesome job to Brothers Cony Hartnett and Joelitta Ansong as well as all the Brothers from Epsilon Upsilon who are putting in so much hard work to get this conclave planned!  Special shout out to Brother Brandon Swinford for the web design.

Don’t forget to submit your signed delegate/proxy sheets by September 7th, 1 month before conclave!  Collegiate chapters will also need to submit their signed Risk Management Emergency Contact Forms.  The deadline for your chapter reports/videos will be coming up, so be sure to look out for emails from Vice Satrap Patrice Davis on behalf of the Risk Management Committee.  The Philanthropy Committee is hard at work coordinating teams for the Step Out diabetes walks, so be sure to participate!  There are events all over our province, so it’s easier for everyone to participate.  This is a wonderful way for Brothers from multiple chapters to get to know each other, while supporting an important cause that is so relevant for us as healthcare providers.

Check out our new pinned post on facebook created by Webmaster Emily Hoadley to help everyone finds important links more easily!

Thanks for reading, and I am so excited to see you all at conclave coming up!



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