Committee Welcome Email

Hi Brothers!

Welcome to the Mid-America Province Communications Committee! I am so excited to meet and work with all of you this year!!

Below I have included the official description and charges for the committee.  I just want to highlight the two main goals I have for our committee: Chapter Relations and National Updates. I hope that this committee can help bring chapters closer together throughout the entire year and improve relationships and brotherhood events between chapters beyond conclave meetings and keep every chapter up to date with MAP and International Kappa Psi news.
As a committee member, each of you will have 2 main responsibilities.  1) Providing me/the committee with updates from your chapter and 2) providing your chapter with updates/news from MAP and the International Google Group. Specific details will be discussed in our conference calls and emails. I am planning on having periodic conference calls throughout the year. Our first one will be closer to the fall so keep your eye out for updates about that.
I know that things are a little slow for a lot of chapters over the summer, so I’m not planning on having a conference call or doing anything super official until sometime around August-September.  If you do anything fun with Brothers over the summer take a picture or two and send them to me to share with MAP!!
If you have any specific questions or ideas or anything that you think would be awesome for MAP or this committee (or just questions in general) please feel free to email me at any time!!
PTBYB, Emily

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