Conference Call Details


The Communications Committee meeting is tomorrow, Wednesday, September 28th, at 7pm!  I have the information below with the number to call in for access to the conference call and the tentative agenda (subject to change).

We will be discussing and brainstorming potential project ideas for this year with a goal of increasing communications and intra-fraternal bonding between chapters, so come prepared with ideas!  

And finally, please shoot me a quick email/text/facebook message to let me know if you will or will not be attending this conference call and conclave!


Emily Hoadley, MAP Webmaster

Participants:      Dial +1 641-715-3836      Participant Access Code 300663#

Communications Committee Agenda 9/28/16

  • Attendance
  • Welcome/Introductions:
    1. Name, chapter, hometown, something about k psi (why you joined, favorite memory, plans for the year, something like that)
  • Expectations of Committee members
  • Discussion

For each idea discuss: like/dislike, how this would benefit MAP, feasibility, what would need to be done to make it happen, should our committee handle it, etc…

  1. Chapter Snapchats
  2. List of each chapter’s social media accounts
  3. Buddy Chapters
  4. Share chapter reports from conclave
  5. Personal travel award
    1. For the brother(s) who visit the most chapters
  6. Open forum for ideas from committee members

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