Minutes for 9/28 Communications Committee Conference Call

Communcations Committee 9.28 Conference Call Minutes


  • Serene (Pi/Project Chair)
  • Jacquelyn (Epsilon Rho)
  • Rebecca Mousseau (Satrap)
  • Mark Abadines (Epsilon Omega/Co-Chair)
    • Watch for Epsilon Omega’s rush schedule on Facebook in the next couple weeks.
  • Emily Hoadley (Pi/Webmaster/Chair)

-Expectations of committee members:

  • Main goal is to bring Brothers closer together outside of conclave meetings
  • Provide committee with updates from your chapter
  • See Description and Charges on Committee page on website.


  • Chapter Snapchats
    • Can people have more than 1 snapchat account on their phone? Most people already have snapchat.
    • Risk Management!
    • Instead, we should promote existing social media (Instagram, etc)
  • Buddy Chapters
    • Everyone really liked the idea
    • Pair with chapters close physically, or farther away to promote brotherhood between the chapters that don’t see each other as much.
    • Encourage a social event between chapters
    • Buddy chapter is also a resource for any questions that come up at your chapter (ex. modifying your pledging process or risk management question)
    • Discuss further at our meeting at conclave!
  • Sharing chapter reports from conclave
    • YES-Discuss more at conclave
    • Emily will look into the website to make sure it can support larger video files.
    • Can have links for youtube videos or Prezis.
    • Put on subpages for each chapter
      • can also put chapter social media/website/notices, etc here
      • Committee members can be responsible for getting info that chapters want on their page.
  • Personal Travel Award
    • brother who visits the most chapters
    • Awards committee already does this
    • We should promote!

-Meeting End-



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