September 2016 Satrap’s Corner

Hello Brothers,

With conclave less than a week away, our province executive board is so excited to see you soon for a fun and productive weekend filled with Brotherhood!

A couple things I’m especially excited about….

    1. Feed My Starving Children Philanthropy Event!  Did you know this organization feeds children in 70 developing nations?  The event is on Friday at 1072 National Parkway in Schaumburg at 6pm sharp!  We must be there on time for the required training.
    2. Trivia Fundraiser!   This event is perfect for those Game of Thrones fans as well as those who have never seen the show or read the books!  It’s a fun way to meet new people during a friendly competition.  It’s on Friday night at 8pm at Fox & Hound.


  • Delegate Orientation!  This starts at 8am on Saturday morning.  While it’s only required for the 2 chapter delegates, the event is open to everyone looking to brush up on Robert’s Rules with Parliamentarian Matt Holderly.


  1. Medieval Times!  This should be a unique and fun time!

There will also be a Ritual Workshop and GCD Workshop following lunch, so be sure to check the agenda.

While it’s important to read and discuss the entire delegate packet with your chapters prior to arrival, I want to direct your attention to a few of the documents.  It is incredibly important to discuss these documents with your chapters before General Session 1!  

  1. MAP Committee Proposals: I cannot emphasize enough that there will be a lot more business to attend to compared to previous Fall conclaves.  Please come prepared!
  2. Grad Development_Scholarship Committee Report: A major decision we plan to make during conclave will be if we would like our scholarship to be a Foundation Scholarship similar to Northern Plains Province or if we would like our scholarship to be specific to Mid-America Province.  Immediate Past Satrap Sarah Kuntz and the Scholarship committee have created a list exploring both options, and it is important for your chapter delegates to gain an understanding about how your chapter feels on this topic.
  3. Fall 2016 MAP Legislative Proposals: There are 13 of them, so please read ahead-of-time!
  4. Updated Risk Management Policy & Procedures:  Vice Satrap Patrice Davis will also be sending out an email on this topic to all registered Brothers.  You must review these documents prior to arrival and follow these national policies and procedures during conclave.

I would like to thank Regent Cony Hartnett, Province Planning Chair Joelitta Ansong and the Brothers of Epsilon Upsilon for hosting this conclave!  I cannot tell you how exciting I am to see you all at conclave!  Conclave is coming!



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