October Satrap’s Corner

Greetings Brothers,

It was a pleasure to see you all at the recent Mid-America Province conclave!  Thank you again to Province Planning Chair Joelitta Ansong and Regent Cony Hartnett as well as all the Brothers of Epsilon Upsilon for hosting a wonderful conclave!  Medieval Times was a truly unique and memorable experience for the closing banquet, and fun was had by all!  We had a lot of business to discuss during general sessions, and I appreciate everyone’s participation!  Vice Satrap Patrice Davis will be sending out a feedback form in the upcoming weeks, so be on the lookout for that, as we truly value your thoughts and feedback.

I am excited to start my October Satrap’s Corner with a couple reminders:

1)  Submissions for the Fall Mid-America Province Newsletter are due November 1st!  Please send photos, updates, stories, articles to Secretary Jessica Chang (kymapsecretary@gmail.com)!  For collegiates, this is in lieu of the National Progress Report Growth Opportunities submission for that month.  For grads, we would definitely appreciate your contributions as well!

2)  The Outstanding Graduate Brother Award Nominations are due to Historian Jill Shah (kymaphistorian@gmail.com) by November 9th!  This is coming up really soon!  Please send Jill your response (in 100 words or less each) to the following questions pertaining to your nominee:

  1. How does this Graduate Brother continue to uphold our fundamental qualities of Industry, Sobriety, Fellowship, and High Ideals in both their personal and professional lives?
  2. What does this Brother do to encourage continued involvement of Brothers after graduation?

Starting 11/9, chapters will be given one month to review the applications and regents will vote on behalf of their chapter via a poll that Jill creates by 12/9.  Provided that quorum is reached by 12/9/2016, voting will close at 11:59pm and no other votes will be collected.  For future years, we will be able to vote on the recipient at Fall conclave and recognize this Brother at Fall conclave.   The recipient will serve as our guest speaker during the Graduation Ritual in the Spring and have their early registration fee waived.

There is a lot more coming up in MAP that I am excited about….

  • Our next Collegiate Development Committee conference call will be in November!  Historian Jill Shah will be discussing our new awards and how they can be used as tools to help recognize Brothers within your chapters!
  • 10 Pin: In November, I will be reaching out to the regents for votes on the 10 pin designs.  That way, we can get the pins ordered in time for Spring Conclave – the 10th conclave of Mid-America Province!
  • Chapter events!  Please keep inviting Brothers to your events on the MAP facebook group and MAP google group!  Not only do you get points for Chapter of the Year, but it helps us remain close between conclaves!

Thank you all again for all of your contributions to your chapter, our province and the Fraternity-at-large!

I will be continuing to send my monthly Satrap’s Corners out through email in the future, and all Satrap’s Corners can be seen here: https://kappapsimap.wordpress.com/category/satraps-corner/



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