Industry Award Winners

Hello again MAP Brothers,
I am pleased to introduce to you this semester’s Industry Award winners!
Jatin Gumpella from Epsilon Omega: “Jatin truly displays all the qualities for the Industry Award. He is dedicated and passionate not only in KY, but with everything he does. He always puts a smile on our faces and makes time no matter how busy he is. Not only is he an excellent KY Brother, but an even better friend!”
Brian Bergquist from Epsilon Omega: “[this] brother has shown great leadership qualities; has been vice president for three years, president for the fourth; and helped established Industry Pharmacists Organization at our school.”
Dan Dudman from Beta Upsilon: “Not only is Dan dedicated with Kappa Psi, but with his studies as well, being that he is a year ahead in pharmacy school and is involved in numerous other activities on campus.” –Megan Martin
Joelitta Ansong from Epsilon Upsilon: “Joelitta is a such hard worker. Not only in Kappa Psi, but in everything she does. She planned an amazing conclave all while being on her APPE rotations. One of her former APPE preceptors uses her as an example any time he gets the chance because of the dedication she shows during difficult times while maintaining a smile through it all. She is working hard to accomplish her residency goals, which she will no doubt achieve. She is definitely an inspiration to all that know her, and I am so happy to be able to call her a Brother and a friend.”
Matt Holderly from Chi: “I am nominating Brother Matt Holderly for his innovative approach to the practice of pharmacy. He simultaneously pursued a Master’s in Education while completing the rigorous pharmacy school curriculum, because he sees that pharmacists are educators, no matter what setting we end up working in. He sees that we can apply the principles of effective teaching to help improve patient education. For that, and many other reasons, I am proud to be his Brother.” –Becca Mousseau
A very big heartfelt thanks to all of the Brothers that took some time to share these wonderful stories with us. I was once again so moved to see all of the great things we have to say about one another, you guys really are the best! Also, congratulations to those outstanding Industrious Brothers! Your hard work and dedication is an inspiration to us all. See you guys again soon for the next FISH Award, Sobriety!
Thanks and congrats again–always so very PTBYB,
Adrian aka MAP Chap ❤

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