December 2016 Satrap’s Corner

Seasons Greetings, MAP Brothers!

It’s time for our December Satrap‘s Corner where I give you a “behind-the-scenes” glimpse into what’s going on with MAP business.
  • 10 Pins: We are so excited to be ordering the 10 pins based on the design created by Brother Sharvil Boda of Epsilon Omega!  This will be a great way to honor those Brothers who have put in the time and dedication to attend 10 MAP Conclaves!
  • Mid-America Province Newsletter: Thanks to 100% of collegiate chapters and 100% of MAP EC members for contributing!  Wonderful job to Historian Jill Shah for putting it all together!
  • Preparing for Spring Conclave: We are working on making the agenda to ensure that there is time to address all necessary business.  If you have any feedback/ideas, please let me know and stay tuned for more details!
  • Giving Back During the Holiday Season:  There’s a fun, easy way to contribute to the American Diabetes Association (the MAP Philanthropy Project) this holiday season!  Secretary Jessica Chang and the Philanthropy Committee are promoting the Johnson & Johnson “Donate a Photo” event to help raise money to send children to the American Diabetes Association Diabetes Camp. For each photo donated during the month of December, $1 will be given by Johnson & Johnson to this cause.Click the following link for more details:
  • FISH Awards: Congratulations to the recipients of the Fellowship, Industry and Sobriety Awards!  Looking forward to nominations for the High Ideals Award.  Thank you to Chaplain Adrian Hollis (AKA “MAP Chap”) for bringing this idea from Epsilon Rho to our entire province!
  • Recognizing Brothers from your chapter: It’s not too soon to start thinking about Spring Awards.  Please encourage Brothers from your chapter to fill out the “Philanthropist of the Year” award form throughout the year so it’s easier to remember all their philanthropic contributions.
In closing, I want to wish you all a happy and safe holiday season!

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