Fellowship Award Winners

Good evening Brothers!
I would like to announce our Fellowship Award winners for this semester! 🙂
Amolee Patel from Epsilon Rho: “Amolee has worked hard and done an amazing job with the rush video.”
Mark Abadines from Epsilon Omega: “Mark exemplifies all the characteristics of a good brother. He is there whenever you need him, whether it’s school or personal related. His outgoing personality makes him a strong and outspoken leader. If there is one person I can count on to attend a Kappa Psi related event, regardless of what chapter’s event it is, it is Mark. Mark inspires the rest of our chapter to love Kappa Psi as much as he does, and he strives to improve our chapter every day.” -Mary Devereux
Antonio Rodriguez from Epsilon Upsilon: “Because this Brother is a grade A friend who goes above and beyond to always be there for anyone. In addition, Antonio looks out for Brothers of all Chapters.”
Adrian Hollis from Epsilon Rho: “Because Adrian truly exemplifies what Fellowship means in Kappa Psi, always going out of her way to be your friend and look out for you because at her core, that’s who she is.”
Jill Shah from Delta Nu: “Always bubbly and fun, Jill always comes out to KY events and always is the person to be around!”
Suzanne Salutric from Epsilon Upsilon: “Suzanne goes above and beyond to exemplify Fellowship in all aspects of her life. She values her relationships with all of her brothers and it shows through her attitude and actions. She never takes a step forward without forgetting to turn around an ask if any of her brothers need any help. She is selfless and kindhearted and dedicates those aspects of herself towards making the Kappa Psi brotherhood the best that it can be.” –Megan Chan
Huge THANK YOU to everyone that took the time to nominate their fellow Brothers. This all made me so happy to read, my heart is swelling at the display of Fellowship I see not from our nominees but also those who nominated. You are all so very awesome and wonderful and I’m so excited to everyone sharing how great our Brotherhood is!
(Sad side note, received no nominations for Brother of the Month…but am very pleased with this, so I will see you guys next month for the Industry Award!)
Never been more PTBYB,
MAP Chap ❤

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