High Ideals Award Winners

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to announce our High Ideals Award winners!

Rameez Hasan from Epsilon Upsilon: “Brother Rameez Hasan always goes above and beyond to exemplify High Ideals. He never lets anything get in his way of achieving the best and he never sets his standards low. He sets high ideals for how he treats his friends and always makes sure he is there for someone when they need it. I’ve seen him work really hard and it makes me proud to call him not only a friend but also a brother that represents Kappa Psi.”

Anna Gracheva from Epsilon Omega: “Anna has been an outstanding brother from past two years. She always made herself available to our chapter. She is highly involved in multiple committees and has great input to make sure we hold high standard within our chapter. If I have to name one brother from our chapter to count-on that would be Anna.”

Summer Weiler from Rho: “Summer is worthy of the High Ideals award by being someone who is honest, accessible, and energetic. She is always involved and empathetic by being a friend or a mentor to many people in our pharmacy school. I believe this award recognize people who provide unselfish services and intend to improve the lives of others. I respect Summer Weiler as an outstanding example for this award.”

Meg Olson from Epsilon Omega: “Margaret Olson-
She always pushes her fellow brothers and the entire chapter to make sure we are operating as optimal as we can be in order to reach even greater heights. In her time at Epsilon Omega, she was a major driving force for the successes that we’ve achieved here. She has exhibited traits of High Ideals from day 1 as a pledge president. She made sure that her and her pledge class not only crossed, but crossed as arguably the best pledge class to walk these halls. As a brother, she constantly has the best interests of the chapter in mind at all times time and is not afraid to voice her concerns and provide solutions for each challenge we may come across. Recently, she won the sobriety award, which is extremely fitting. In order to help the organization to the pinnacle of excellence, one must have a clear and calculating mind at all times. She has helped us accomplish our goals with professionalism, grace, humility, positivity, and above all else with love and passion for Kappa Psi in her heart. We thank her, for her hard work, and never ending passion for this fraternity.”

Edward Oldfield from Epsilon Upsilon: “EJ has always exemplified what it means to be a great Brother. He always willing to help his Bros in a moment’s notice. He upholds the pillars of our Fraternity throughout all aspects of his life: academic, professional, and personal. He makes all Brothers feel welcome with his kind words, undying positivity, and quirky sense of humor. He’s the only Bro I know that has 3-4 pins, just to make sure he is never without KY representation wherever he happens to be. He holds Kappa Psi near and dear to his heart, and it shows in all of the wonderful things he does for the Fraternity. If anybody deserves this award, it’s this guy.”

Patrice Davis from Epsilon Rho: “Patrice has been an amazing Brother to look up to. She has worked tirelessly to make our Fraternity better and stronger, both at the Chapter and Province level. She is wise beyond her years, and always acts with the interests of KY in mind. Patrice is always willing to give her advice and support to her fellow Bros without hesitation. Despite the setbacks that have been thrown in her way, she has done a phenomenal job in overcoming them with her grace and unwavering professionalism.”

A big congrats to our award winners, you are truly an inspiration to all of us! And congrats to all of our FISH Award winners, past and present! And thank you to those of you who took the time to recognize these awesome Bros.

It has been a very heartwarming experience to read about each and every one of our wonderful Bros, to recognize all of the things that may get missed between Provinces, and to boost our sense of Brotherhood with each award. I am grateful for all of your kind words, your nominations, and opportunity to bother you every month or so to spread some love!
Thanks and PTBYB,
Adrian aka MAP Chap ❤


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