January 2017 Satrap’s Corner

Hello Brothers,

I hope you’re as excited as I am for the TENTH(!) MID-AMERICA PROVINCE CONCLAVE!

In honor of the upcoming TENTH(!) MAP conclave, for every $10 you spend on bumper stickers to benefit Mid-America Province, you will receive an extra sticker free!

We are less than two months away from the Spring 2017 Mid-America Province assembly hosted by Rho Chapter in Lawrence, KS – March 10th-11th, 2017!

Purchase your bumper stickers online and receive them in the mail with no shipping charge!

1 sticker = $4
“Big & Little” Package = $10 (includes 3 stickers- 1 for your Big, 1 for your Little, and 1 for you!)

Orders will be shipped first come/first serve based on when payment is received while supplies last.

So order yours now!: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdz-6ZCSrxvkQekQ1uiDrJLic0Dq5KOpNq1RSkRsUulQSe2oA/viewform

And for this month’s Satrap‘s Corner, I share with you….
10 of the 99+ Reasons I Can’t Wait for the 10th Mid-America Province Conclave on March 10th-11th!

1.  The one-and-only 10th MAP Conclave!  I can’t wait to honor the Brothers who are attending their 10th Mid-America Province Conclave!  We have so many Graduate Brothers who have given so much to our province over the years, and I’m excited to see them receive their 10 Pins!  This pin is given to all Brothers who are attending their 10th MAP conclave!  Plus, I can get a sneak peak before I earn mine next Fall!
2.  Elections!  I am so excited to see our newest leaders step up and bring new ideas and creativity to our province executive board!
3.  Philanthropy!  There are so many ways Philanthropy is incorporated into MAPConclaves!  The host chapter always has something exciting up their sleeves to support a local organization in need.  Remember how we volunteered to pack food at Feed My Starving Children with Epsilon Upsilon and made tie blankets for a local hospital with Beta Upsilon?  I can’t wait to see what Rho has in store!  Plus, the MAPPhilanthropy Committee will get us all involved with supporting the American Diabetes Association!  And we have a new award this year – the Philanthropist of the Year Award!  This is a new way to recognize the overall philanthropic contributions of a Brother from our province.
4.  Chapter of the Year!  I love to see us honor not only the top chapters but also the most improved chapter in our province!  The Mid-America Province Chapter of the Year Report as well as the National Progress Report can be used as tools for chapters to pinpoint potential areas of improvement so they can continue to grow and develop.  I definitely believe that, in this case, the journey is more significant than the destination.  This journey can help bring Brothers together as they work for a common goal.
5.  Graduation Ritual!  When I was a Graduating P4 Brother, I was just as excited for my Graduation Ritual as I was for my actual graduation ceremony itself!  Becoming a Graduate Brother is amazing, because you realize that you were lucky enough to join this group of people who will support you and you will support them throughout your professional lives.  I never feel alone as a pharmacist, because I know my Brothers are always there with an outstretched hand.
6.  Brother of the Year Awards!  This provides an awesome opportunity to recognize Brothers who may not always step into the spotlight.  They make contributions “behind-the-scenes” throughout the year without expecting anything in return….but this is our chance to honor them!
7.  Catching up with my Brothers before GCC!  I know that March is a little early for a MAP Spring conclave, but it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with my MAPBrothers before GCC!  GCC is only 5 months later, so we have lots of planning to do!
8.  Graduate Brother Roundtable!  We have a roundtable planned – “Preparing for Your First Year as a Pharmacist!”  This will be helpful for all Collegiate Brothers, especially the Graduating P4 Brothers!  There are so many workshops that help you prepare to apply for residency or approach your first interview, but what happens next?  How can you be ready to start your residency or to embark on your career as a pharmacist?  Here’s your chance to get advice from Graduate Brothers who have been through it!
9.  Professional Development: There’s the CE Saturday morning….plus workshops and business meetings!
10.  Spending time with my Brothers!  Whether at lunch between business meetings, during the Saturday night banquet or during the philanthropy event, I always want to see more of my Brothers!
I hope to see you March 10th in Kansas!

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