Sobriety Award Winners

Hello Mid-America Bros!
Here they are, our Sobriety Award winners!
(Margaret) Meg Olson from Epsilon Omega: “Meg is a crucial piece that makes our chapter as successful as we are. She always has an open mind and non-biased opinions during discussions of chapter business. She pushes our chapter to think about things that we may not have considered during different committee meetings and general body meetings. Without Meg, our chapter would not be where it is today, and she deserves to be recognized. “
Paul Schiferl from Rho: “Paul has exemplified the quality of Sobriety by enriching the lives of our Rho chapter brothers by always willing to step up to help those that sometimes are not aware of needing assistance. A characteristic that I have observed in Paul over the years is that he helps without asking questions and expects nothing in return. For example, he has shown ongoing initiative, leadership, and dedication by ensuring everyone in Rho chapter are safe and comfortable at all our events. He is genuine about the well-being of people and has earned the respect of his peers in which people can approach him with any questions or concerns. I know that I can depend on Paul if I ever need help anytime, whether last minute or planning for events because his contribution to Rho chapter and to society has greatly impacted my life. Recently, I challenge myself to ‘walk in Paul’s shoes’ and in difficult situations, I think, ‘How would Paul behave’? Paul Schiferi is a passionate advocate for his peers and his assistance will always be deeply appreciated.”
Jory Angileri from Epsilon Rho: “Once he sets his mind to something, he follows through. He has dogged determination to see the outcome that he desires. Its hard to find a more sober individual.”
Ben Nagy from Chi: “Throughout this semester I’ve worked alongside Ben almost on a daily basis. In this time, I’ve watched him time and again prove to me why we as a chapter voted him to be our Regent. During our pledging season, Ben would be the one coming up with the best possible solutions and knowing when to ask for help. He was fair in all his decisions both to pledges and actives. Even after pledging season was over, we continued to have tough calls that had to be made. We had to hold disciplinary trials and when I myself struggled to hold my composure through the whole process, Ben was my rock and helped me to focus and make clear choices in how the situation needed to be handled. He is a brother that not only lives his life making sober minded decisions but helps others to do as well and that is why I’m nominating him for this award.”
Antonio Rodriguez from Epsilon Upsilon: “Because this Brother has always conducted himself as the pinnacle of professionalism with whatever he has dealt with. Putting his Fraternity above all else, even on his own birthday, this man is the definition of Sobriety. Few others can be counted on for counsel than Brother Antonio Rodriguez.”
Stephen Jankovic from Illinois Grad: “Sobriety means rational decision making and focusing on goals, and few other Brothers have been so focused and clear-of-mind as Stephen Jankovic has. Always one to give back to his Fraternity, Stephen has long been a pillar of striving to be an amazing Brother no matter what position he holds or does not hold in our Province.”
Michael Bailey: “This brother has been one that all of us have been able to look up to. He has wisdom and life experience that has played a major role in the improvement of our chapter. He addresses all problems with a sober mind and ensures objectivity in every decision he makes.” –Kevin Heath
Selma Dzelil from Epsilon Upsilon: “Brother Selma exemplifies sobriety both in our chapter as well as in her every day life with her friends and family. You can always count on her for sound advice because she has the rare ability to step back and give genuine, unbiased and unclouded advice to her brothers, friends, and family. It’s something that makes me look up to her!”
Thank you all so much for your patience with me (I know his took forever)! And once again, CONGRATS to our award winners! It is always so wonderful to read all of these kind words about each other, let’s keep this up with High Ideals nominations (coming soon to an electronic device near you!)!!
Have a good night and PTBYB,
Adrian aka MAP Chap ❤

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