Fellowship Award-Fall 2017

Congratulations to our Fellowship Award winners! These Brothers were recognized by their chapters and their Brothers for their commitment to Kappa Psi and for exemplifying our tenant of Fellowship.

Edward J Oldfield – Epsilon Upsilon
EJ is always ready to help any brother out. EJ is always ready to give tips and pointers about anything you’d have an interest in learning; whether pharmacy related or not.

Krista Paplaczyk – Epsilon Omega
Krista will always be there for any brother at anytime, whether it has to do with school or just to talk. She is an amazing friend, and an even better brother. Our chapter is extremely lucky to have such a dedicated and driven person.

Jacquelyn Punches – Epsilon Rho
Jacquelyn truly values the meaning of brotherhood. She helps the chapter and its brothers in any way that she can and is constantly finding ways to recognize brothers for their hard work and achievements, while never searching for her own recognition. She is a true friend and brother who is always there for you, and never says no. She is hard working and passionate and we are so lucky to have a brother like her in our chapter.

Margaret Lee – Delta Nu
Margaret exhibits fellowship with her utmost positivity and her passion for Kappa Psi. She encourages you to step out of your comfort zone but most importantly, catch you if you fall. Her selflessness towards every brother will be one of the many reasons our chapter will thrive. Without her, the chapter would truly be different. –Delta Nu

Jimmy Nguyen – Epsilon Upsilon
Very friendly and goes above and beyond to get things done.

Joyce Yii – Gamma Pi
Joyce has always gone above and beyond in all she does. She puts brotherhood first and
strives to always do more than just what is required of her. She is our Vice Regent Social and brings grace and honor to the position. She has truly done a tremendous job as our social chair and our brother. – The Gamma Pi Chapter

Thank you for all that you do for our Brotherhood!
Eva Galka
MAP Chaplain

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