Vice Satrap Bio 2017-2018

“…Treat you better than me because that’s the heavenly key to unlock the inner strength where my essence will be..” – Nujabes

When I did my undergrad at Elgin Community College, one of my professors gave us the simple task of writing a paper about song lyrics that resonated within us. Little did I know that this “simple” task would take me hours upon hours of sifting through songs that I had in my music library. To this day those lyrics still resonate and are applicable to my life. Music, along with food, are some of my biggest passions.

Speaking of passion, my passion for our fraternity stems from the company I’ve kept throughout my years of pharmacy school. I was spending time with a couple second-year students with then colleagues, now brothers, talking about life and what have you. Diverse as they may be, I realized what they had in common which was that they were all involved with Kappa Psi. From that moment on I knew I wanted to join and thus began my illustrious career within our fraternity. I have served as the webmaster, the vice-regent, and the pledge educator for my chapter, Epsilon Omega. Throughout my different roles I have learned invaluable things that have added value to my sense of individualism. But there is one thing that stands out above all.

Pharmacy school is hard.

Without the support of my brothers around me, I wouldn’t be where I am now. Whether it be accompanying me to late night food runs to Chicago, or supporting one another before each exam, my brothers have been with me through it all. Everything that I do for Kappa Psi, I do for the prosperity of you, my brothers.

During my term I hope to work with chapters in order to produce a rush and pledge season that adheres to current risk management policies while molding passionate and committed brothers. I also aspire to increase inter-chapter relations and strengthen brotherly bonds. I am beyond elated to serve each and every one of you as your vice-satrap!


Mark Abadines

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