Awards Committee

Chair: Brother Jill Shah, Historian,

Description:  Awards committee members will assist in organizing the Fall and end of the year Province awards. Members will help in setting up award certificates and plaques. Committee members get to help decide which awards and award criteria should be presented. The awards committee also get a chance to recognize Brothers and their achievements with the Province Brother of the Year awards.


  1. Summer: Work with Sarah to determine criteria and timeline for Outstanding Graduate Brother Award (plan to present at fall conclave).  
  2. Traveling Trophy: Calculate based on the distance traveled and % Brother in attendance at general sessions at each conclave.  
  3. Brothers of the Year: Reach out to chapter regents at least 2 months prior to Spring conclave to give chapters plenty of time to vote on their Brother of the Year.  There should be 1 Brother of the Year from each chapter, and they should be awarded with a framed certificate at Spring conclave.
  4. Philantrophy: Work with Tierney to design and order the award that will be given at Spring conclave based on the criteria that the Philanthropy committee comes up with.
  5. Chapter of the Year: Have plaques made for the 1st and 2nd place for chapter of the year, most improved
  6. Assess the need for new awards.  Chapters should be notified of the awards at least 1 month prior to the conclave where the award will be given.