Industry Award Winners

Hello again MAP Brothers,
I am pleased to introduce to you this semester’s Industry Award winners!
Jatin Gumpella from Epsilon Omega: “Jatin truly displays all the qualities for the Industry Award. He is dedicated and passionate not only in KY, but with everything he does. He always puts a smile on our faces and makes time no matter how busy he is. Not only is he an excellent KY Brother, but an even better friend!”
Brian Bergquist from Epsilon Omega: “[this] brother has shown great leadership qualities; has been vice president for three years, president for the fourth; and helped established Industry Pharmacists Organization at our school.”
Dan Dudman from Beta Upsilon: “Not only is Dan dedicated with Kappa Psi, but with his studies as well, being that he is a year ahead in pharmacy school and is involved in numerous other activities on campus.” –Megan Martin
Joelitta Ansong from Epsilon Upsilon: “Joelitta is a such hard worker. Not only in Kappa Psi, but in everything she does. She planned an amazing conclave all while being on her APPE rotations. One of her former APPE preceptors uses her as an example any time he gets the chance because of the dedication she shows during difficult times while maintaining a smile through it all. She is working hard to accomplish her residency goals, which she will no doubt achieve. She is definitely an inspiration to all that know her, and I am so happy to be able to call her a Brother and a friend.”
Matt Holderly from Chi: “I am nominating Brother Matt Holderly for his innovative approach to the practice of pharmacy. He simultaneously pursued a Master’s in Education while completing the rigorous pharmacy school curriculum, because he sees that pharmacists are educators, no matter what setting we end up working in. He sees that we can apply the principles of effective teaching to help improve patient education. For that, and many other reasons, I am proud to be his Brother.” –Becca Mousseau
A very big heartfelt thanks to all of the Brothers that took some time to share these wonderful stories with us. I was once again so moved to see all of the great things we have to say about one another, you guys really are the best! Also, congratulations to those outstanding Industrious Brothers! Your hard work and dedication is an inspiration to us all. See you guys again soon for the next FISH Award, Sobriety!
Thanks and congrats again–always so very PTBYB,
Adrian aka MAP Chap ❤

Fall 2016 Fellowship Award Winners

I would like to announce our Fellowship Award winners for this semester! 🙂
Amolee Patel from Epsilon Rho: “Amolee has worked hard and done an amazing job with the rush video.”
Mark Abadines from Epsilon Omega: “Mark exemplifies all the characteristics of a good brother. He is there whenever you need him, whether it’s school or personal related. His outgoing personality makes him a strong and outspoken leader. If there is one person I can count on to attend a Kappa Psi related event, regardless of what chapter’s event it is, it is Mark. Mark inspires the rest of our chapter to love Kappa Psi as much as he does, and he strives to improve our chapter every day.” -Mary Devereux
Antonio Rodriguez from Epsilon Upsilon: “Because this Brother is a grade A friend who goes above and beyond to always be there for anyone. In addition, Antonio looks out for Brothers of all Chapters.”
Adrian Hollis from Epsilon Rho: “Because Adrian truly exemplifies what Fellowship means in Kappa Psi, always going out of her way to be your friend and look out for you because at her core, that’s who she is.”
Jill Shah from Delta Nu: “Always bubbly and fun, Jill always comes out to KY events and always is the person to be around!”
Suzanne Salutric from Epsilon Upsilon: “Suzanne goes above and beyond to exemplify Fellowship in all aspects of her life. She values her relationships with all of her brothers and it shows through her attitude and actions. She never takes a step forward without forgetting to turn around an ask if any of her brothers need any help. She is selfless and kindhearted and dedicates those aspects of herself towards making the Kappa Psi brotherhood the best that it can be.” –Megan Chan
Huge THANK YOU to everyone that took the time to nominate their fellow Brothers. This all made me so happy to read, my heart is swelling at the display of Fellowship I see not from our nominees but also those who nominated. You are all so very awesome and wonderful and I’m so excited to everyone sharing how great our Brotherhood is!
Never been more PTBYB,
MAP Chap ❤

Brotherhood Spotlight – George Crabtree

Trent Doud, from Pi Chapter submitted this spotlight of Brother George Crabtree. Brother George serves as a great example of a Kappa Psi Brother by balancing his academic accomplishments with his extraordinary volunteer work.

George Crabtree is from New Jersey and came all the way to Purdue to study pharmacy.  He is currently a second year pre-professional student, and he was recently offered admission into Purdue’s PharmD program.  In his time outside of Kappa Psi, he is the chapter President of Phi Kappa Theta and also does research for Purdue’s Dr. Hu.  George strives to make his community a better place, and he demonstrates this by being a volunteer firefighter for Middlebush Fire Department.  Previously, he has worked with the Indiana Blood center to set up blood drives, as well as with the local Boys and Girls Club in Lafayette to set up local events.  This past January, George went with Purdue Global Medical Brigades, dentists, doctors, and pharmacists, to help start a medical clinic in Jalaca, Honduras. George is looking forward to his first Mid-American Province.

george crabtree.JPG
George – Middle Back in the Light Blue V-Neck Tee




Brotherhood Spotlight – Adam Musante

Zeta Mu Chapter’s Brotherhood Spotlight, is on Brother Adam Musante. Brother Adam was a huge driving behind chartering the Chapter last summer. Since their chartering, Adam has continued to lead the chapter in a great direction as they make their way as Kappa Psi Brothers. Learn more about Adam and his accomplishments in this interview conducted by Brother Robert Hopkins.

  1. What is your role in Kappa Psi?

My role is the regent.  I look over the fraternity and everyone’s job and make sure they are doing them.

  1. What is your greatest desire for Zeta Mu?

Would be that we become one of the top contending chapters in the province even though we are a small chapter.  And even after members graduate, they still keep in contact with the school and the members of the chapter and stay involved.

  1. Would you like to give a shout out to anyone in your chapter?

I would give a shout out to Jessica Schuler because she has always been there to help me get my paperwork done, get everything turned in on time, takes a ton of notes during meetings, has everything really organized and always reminds me when I need to do things.  She plays the role of secretary really well.

  1. What made you choose pharmacy as a career?

I chose pharmacy because I really wanted to be in the healthcare field, but I wasn’t all about the blood and guts of the medical field.  This is a happy medium and still be able to take care of people without passing out.

  1. Who in your life has been the most influential and why?

I would say that my dad has been the most influential person in my life because he really cares for his children and wants the best for them and doesn’t give us what we want and makes us work for it.  This has instilled a lot of values in me. This has allowed me to have the mentality to work for what you want.

  1. What was your favorite cartoon when you were a child?


  1. If you could have a zoo animal as a pet what would you choose?

I would chose a sea lion. Those things are awesome.

  1. What was the craziest prank you were ever a part of?

Our entire class worked together with our Dean to make one of our brother’s believe that he completely forgot to turn in a 1 page writing assignment that was due.  We all wrote fake papers and our Dean came into collect them.  The brother is well known for being very studious and always worried about missing points.

  1. What would you do if you won $50 million on the lottery?

If I won 50 million dollars, I would buy a mega yacht and live on that the rest of my life and have people serve me at will.

  1. What’s your morning ritual like?

It is pretty scheduled.  I wake up,grab me contacts and tooth brush and tooth paste, take shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, play on phone until I have to leave.  Everyday.


Adam Mustane

Brother Spotlight – MAP Officers Part 3

Continuing our series of Brother Spotlights where we recognize Brothers and their achievements, here are bios about the members of the Executive Board and their goals in office.

If you would like someone from your chapter to be featured in a Brother Spotlight, please send a description about the Brother and a photo to

Chaplain – Tyler Ludwig

As the Mid-America Province Chaplain, Tyler strives to help every chapter get the most out of performing the rituals. After serving as the Chaplain of Chi Chapter at the University of Illinois Chicago, Tyler was driven to become the MAP Chaplain because he enjoys learning more about the history and traditions of the fraternity. Tyler joined Kappa Psi because he wanted a sense of family since he was new to Chicago and did not know anyone. He loves the memories he has made with his brothers celebrating good times and surviving bad exams. Along with Kappa Psi, Tyler is a member of Masonic Lodge #710, NCPA, and APhA. Tyler is keeping his options open for after graduation, but has found psychiatry to be the most interesting topic so far. When Tyler is not busy with pharmacy school or spending time with his Brothers, he enjoys cooking, taking care of his guinea pig Reddenbacher, and having game nights. Tyler’s ability to find the bright side of everything has been a great asset in helping MAP brothers bond and learn about the Fraternity’s traditions.


GCC Delegate – Pratik Shah

As a GCC Delegate, Pratik, helped Mid-America Province Chapters and Brothers prepare for last summer’s GCC in Denver, CO. As a Mid-America Province representative, Pratik worked on pushing the Province nationally.  Pratik created a list of Brothers attending to help keep MAP stay informed and be involved at GCC. He also arranged MAP’s candidate interviews and caucus. After last summer’s GCC, Pratik has been working to help increase involvement of Brothers at the Province and National level. Pratik was interested in serving as the MAP GCC Delegate because he wanted to help brothers from our province form relationships that last outside of GCC. Pratik believes that MAP is a great province and is doing some amazing things that he wanted to demonstrate to our brothers everywhere. Pratik’s favorite moment as GCC Delegate was being able to see brothers excited to attend Province and GCC. He said his experience as the delegate for our province and being able to create the MAP slideshow was amazing.  Pratik describes himself as fun-loving, but determined when necessary. He believes that life is short and full of bumps in the road so he might as well have a little fun with it. Pratik is especially determined at work, but likes to make sure the people he works with are having a good time as well. Pratik was originally initiated from Delta Nu in December of 2008, but eventually changed career paths and returned to pharmacy school where he continued as a brother at Chi Chapter. Pratik has served as the P4 Liaison for Chi Chapter and Illinois Graduate Chapter, GCD for Epsilon Pho, Illinois Graduate Chapter Graduate Liaison, Head of National Longevity Committee, and as the MAP GCC Delegate and Alternate Delegate. He graduated from the University of Illinois Chicago in 2014 and currently is a community pharmacist. He finds his position as a community pharmacist to be highly rewarding and something he looks forward to everyday. Having a great team to work with and to have the opportunity to talk to customers everyday creates unique experiences. Pratik’s favorite thing about Kappa Psi is the unspoken connection you have with your fellow brothers. He loves that regardless of where you are and what you are doing, when you meet another brother there is a certain understanding and it’s great to share a connection especially when it is an interview or new co-worker. Being able to meet fellow brothers and create a friendship with them is what made him join and continue promoting the fraternity through various positions and events.

Brother Spotlight – MAP Officers Part 2


Continuing our series of Brother Spotlights where we recognize Brothers and their achievements, here are bios about the members of the Executive Board and discuss their plans for the year. If you would like someone from your chapter to be featured in a Brother Spotlight, please send a description about the Brother and a photo to

Secretary – Rebecca Mousseau
Rebecca started out as her pledge class secretary, so she’s been serving as a secretary for Kappa Psi before she even had the privilege of calling herself a Kappa Psi Brother! As a member of Chi Chapter at the University of Illinois College of Pharmacy in Chicago, Illinois, Rebecca served as Recording Secretary as a P2 & Corresponding Secretary as a P3. As a P4 student, Rebecca also is the Illinois Graduate P4 Liaison for Chi Chapter. As the Mid-America Province Secretary, Rebecca wishes to help all MAP chapters view the National Progress Report and MAP Chapter of the Year Report as a set of ideas that we can implement within our chapters, and not just as forms that must be completed. She wants to encourage chapters to use the forms to foster growth and development among Mid-America Province Chapters. With her office Rebecca would love to help Brothers find new opportunities to reach these goals and is here to help Chapters come up with new inspiration and ideas.
She is also very excited to be serving as the Philanthropy Committee Co-chair for the 2015-2016 term. After becoming a member of the international philanthropy committee after the 56th GCC, Rebecca was inspired to found Chi Chapter’s Philanthropy Committee. She loved working with the 2014-2015 MAP Philanthropy Committee to initiate pop tab collections to support Ronald McDonald House Charities. Feel free to contact her if you’re interested in setting up a Philanthropy Committee within your own chapter. It’s a great way to help Brothers in your chapter develop patient care skills while helping those less fortunate in our communities! As the MAP Philanthopy Committee Chair, Rebecca wants to work with the new committee to find new ways to involve all chapters with our chosen philanthropy project during conclaves. She also wants to collaborate philanthropy events with different chapters and track the number of service hours that our province does as a whole.
Becca says that becoming a Kappa Psi Brother is the second best life-long commitment I’ve ever made (second only to marrying her husband). She loves knowing that, no matter where we all end up, we have this family of pharmacists that will support us. She loves that there are so many opportunities to make a difference in Kappa Psi, and everyone finds his/her own way to contribute.

Treasurer – Lauren Edwards
Lauren describes herself as very dedicated and passionate. She doesn’t ever believe you can cap your full potential and she enjoys pushing herself and others around her to be the best that they can be. Her overall goal as Mid-America Province Treasurer is to create a self-sustaining scholarship for the province. She would also like to serve as a resource for chapters while they create their budget for the upcoming year and attend events hosted by her mentor chapter, Gamma Theta. As a member of Rho Chapter at the University of Kansas, Lauren served as Regent and Vice Regent. Her experience in these offices gave her a great background to work with budgets. She was also drawn to the position of Treasurer because of her interest in exploring the new ways we can utilize our money to strengthen our province.
Lauren’s work in the Fraternity is driven for her love of Kappa Psi. She loves the way that Kappa Psi connects pharmacists and student pharmacists in a way that no other professional organization can. Lauren likes how we share the same rituals, values, and traditions that bring all chapters together. Kappa Psi doesn’t end after pharmacy school and it will be something she is able to stay involved with for years to come.
On top of her involvement in Kappa Psi, Lauren also serves as a member in Phi Lambda Sigma, SSHP, ASP-APhA, APhA, KCHP, KPhA, and Alpha Delta Pi. She plans on pursuing a residency after graduation in 2016. She is excited to use this year of rotations and national meetings to decide where the best fit is.

Historian – Melissa Gaul
Melissa is currently in her last year of pharmacy school and works as a VALOR Pharmacy Intern at the Kansas City VA Medical Center. She will be applying for PGY1 residencies this year, which she is super excited about. She is also considering pursuing a PGY2 in Critical Care. Melissa is pretty much the pharmacy version of Hermione Granger, since you can typically find her studying in the library more often than not. She describes herself as a pretty big nerd who is always up to talk about Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Marvel, etc. She also claims to have a bit of a Pinterest addiction.
As a member of Gamma Theta at the University of Missouri – Kansas City, Melissa’s favorite part about being a Brother are all the friendships she has made. Her brothers are her best friends and she does not think she could have made it through pharmacy school if it wasn’t for her Kappa Psi brothers with their continual support. Melissa is currently the Co-Historian of her class and am a member of Phi Lambda Sigma. She has also served as co-chair of Root 4 Health, a local patient care initiative of UMKC’s chapter of APhA-ASP. She has previously been involved in the Fellowship of Catholic University Students. Melissa got her start as MAP historian, first by being the historian at Gamma Theta. She found that running for Historian would be a natural transition with her previous position. She has served as historian in several organizations and it is something she truly loves doing.
As the Mid-America Province historian, Melissa would like to create a biannual newsletter for MAP. She would like to work with the historians of each chapter to collect pictures and blurbs about what they have been up to. She hopes to work with each chapter to help keep everyone updated on what every chapter has been doing. Melissa would also like to create an account or drive to start saving photos from every chapter to help us keep a record of MAP as whole each year. She wants to save a piece of history, to have accessible for future brothers to look back on.

Melissa and Becca - cropped
Becca and Melissa at the Zeta Mu Chartering
Lauren Edwards - cropped
Lauren at the Zeta Mu Chartering

Brother Spotlights – MAP Officers Part 1

To kick off our new series of Brother Spotlights where we recognize Brothers and their achievements, we will begin with bios about the members of the Executive Board and discuss their plans for the year. If you would like someone from your chapter to be featured in a Brother Spotlight, please send a description about the Brother and a photo to

Immediate Past Satrap – Kelsey E. Johnson

You may recognize Kelsey as a member of Illinois Grad Chapter or as an alum of Chi Chapter of UIC, or even by his moustache and impressive selfie skills. Kelsey has served Kappa Psi in many offices ranging from the Chapter level as Chi Chapter Rockford Emissary, Vice Regent, and I-Grad Liaison to the International level as the International Risk Management Committee Chair. He has also made his mark in Mid-America Province with his previous roles as Satrap, Vice Satrap, and Secretary. Reflecting upon his previous positions and discussing his office of Immediate Past Satrap, Kelsey states, “I have been given the great opportunity to serve MAP since we were founded in 2012. I think it’s my time to take a step back and let the younger generation have a chance to take the reins. I will still be here to serve in a more supervisory role for the Province and to help continue the development and presence of our graduate chapters within MAP.” Along with his remarkable involvement in Kappa Psi, Kelsey has also been involved in the American Pharmacists Association, Asian Pharmacists Association, Community Drug Education Committee, Illinois Council of Health-System Pharmacists, National Community Pharmacists Association, Pharmacy Student Council-Education Policy Committee, The Rho Chi Society, and the Student National Pharmaceutical Association. Kelsey loves Kappa Psi because it is his second family and he considers the Fraternity as his home away from home.


Satrap – Sarah Kuntz

Sarah was drawn to run for the office of MAP Satrap because as MAP Secretary she was able to see the work that goes into leading the province and viewed the role of Satrap as a tremendous opportunity. Sarah describes herself as an introvert and says it often takes some time before she can come out of her shell, but was motivated to become the MAP Satrap since she has never held a position of this magnitude before and found that it has given her the opportunity to step out of her comfort zone and continue to develop her leadership skills. Sarah’s goals for the year include encouraging joint activities between chapters in the Province and pushing for more interaction among collegiate and graduate chapters.  To promote each chapter’s involvement at the Province level, Sarah also aims to have 100% representation of all chapters on all province committees. Sarah is an Initiate of Pi Chapter at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN and graduated in May 2014. She currently is a member of Kansas City Grad Chapter. As a Brother of Kappa Psi, Sarah served as Pi Chapter Vice-Regent, Professional Projects Chair, and Pledge Class President along with her term as Mid-America Province Secretary. She has also become involved in APhA, ASHP, and the Indiana Pharmacist Alliance. What Sarah loves most about Kappa Psi are the friendships she has made over the years and the opportunities the Fraternity has given her both personally and professionally. She states that if it wasn’t for Kappa Psi and the amazing connections she has made, she would not be where she is today. It was through Kappa Psi that she found her PGY1 residency, which has led to her dream job in oncology. Upon graduation from her PGY1 residency at Mercy Hospital in Springfield, MO, Sarah plans on staying at Mercy and continuing her career as a clinical pharmacist and part of their oncology team. Along with finding her dream job through Kappa Psi, Sarah is also married to her husband, Aaron, a 2008 initiate of Pi Chapter.


Vice Satrap – Pinal Shah Gathani

As a member of Delta Nu Chapter, Pinal attends Chicago College of Pharmacy at Midwestern University in Downers Grove, Illinois. Other than Kappa Psi, Pinal has participated in the American Pharmacists Association, Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) and American-Indian Pharmacist Association in America (AIPhA) and was the top 10 finalist for the patient counseling competition for the Midwestern University APhA-ASP chapter this past year. Currently Pinal is interested in community pharmacy, but is keeping an open mind when it comes to APPE rotations. Pinal’s bubbly and outgoing personality, paired with her great sense of humor, positive energy, and willingness to help anyone in need, helped her in her previous Kappa Psi positions as a Co-Pledge Master and Co-Province Chair. One of the things Pinal loves most about Kappa Psi is Brotherhood and how active her chapter is on campus. Pinal states that pledging for Kappa Psi was the most important decision she made through pharmacy school. What she has learned and the amazing Brothers she has met through joining Kappa Psi have impacted her life significantly. The flexibility of the Vice Satrap position is what made Pinal interested in running for the office. She likes that, “as Vice-Satrap, not only am I responsible for Province Planning and the fundraising committee, but I am able to help with any other project MAP is working on.” Pinal’s goals for this year include organizing inter-chapter events for our Province. Specifically, she wants to help organize the mega pledge event for chapters in each state within our Province. Also, Pinal wants to improve on communication between each chapter. She feels that many chapters do similar events such as fundraising and philanthropy and to increase communication will lead to efficient and successful events. Pinal wants to open the floor for chapters to ask for advice and see what works and what doesn’t.

Pinal and Sarah after being initiated into office at the Spring Conclave
Pinal and Sarah after being initiated into office at the Spring Conclave
Sarah Kuntz and Kelsey E. Johnson at the 57th GCC in Denver, CO
Sarah Kuntz and Kelsey E. Johnson at the 57th GCC in Denver, CO