Minutes for 9/28 Communications Committee Conference Call

Communcations Committee 9.28 Conference Call Minutes


  • Serene (Pi/Project Chair)
  • Jacquelyn (Epsilon Rho)
  • Rebecca Mousseau (Satrap)
  • Mark Abadines (Epsilon Omega/Co-Chair)
    • Watch for Epsilon Omega’s rush schedule on Facebook in the next couple weeks.
  • Emily Hoadley (Pi/Webmaster/Chair)

-Expectations of committee members:

  • Main goal is to bring Brothers closer together outside of conclave meetings
  • Provide committee with updates from your chapter
  • See Description and Charges on Committee page on website.


  • Chapter Snapchats
    • Can people have more than 1 snapchat account on their phone? Most people already have snapchat.
    • Risk Management!
    • Instead, we should promote existing social media (Instagram, etc)
  • Buddy Chapters
    • Everyone really liked the idea
    • Pair with chapters close physically, or farther away to promote brotherhood between the chapters that don’t see each other as much.
    • Encourage a social event between chapters
    • Buddy chapter is also a resource for any questions that come up at your chapter (ex. modifying your pledging process or risk management question)
    • Discuss further at our meeting at conclave!
  • Sharing chapter reports from conclave
    • YES-Discuss more at conclave
    • Emily will look into the website to make sure it can support larger video files.
    • Can have links for youtube videos or Prezis.
    • Put on subpages for each chapter
      • can also put chapter social media/website/notices, etc here
      • Committee members can be responsible for getting info that chapters want on their page.
  • Personal Travel Award
    • brother who visits the most chapters
    • Awards committee already does this
    • We should promote!

-Meeting End-



Conference Call Details


The Communications Committee meeting is tomorrow, Wednesday, September 28th, at 7pm!  I have the information below with the number to call in for access to the conference call and the tentative agenda (subject to change).

We will be discussing and brainstorming potential project ideas for this year with a goal of increasing communications and intra-fraternal bonding between chapters, so come prepared with ideas!  

And finally, please shoot me a quick email/text/facebook message to let me know if you will or will not be attending this conference call and conclave!


Emily Hoadley, MAP Webmaster

Participants:      Dial +1 641-715-3836      Participant Access Code 300663#

Communications Committee Agenda 9/28/16

  • Attendance
  • Welcome/Introductions:
    1. Name, chapter, hometown, something about k psi (why you joined, favorite memory, plans for the year, something like that)
  • Expectations of Committee members
  • Discussion

For each idea discuss: like/dislike, how this would benefit MAP, feasibility, what would need to be done to make it happen, should our committee handle it, etc…

  1. Chapter Snapchats
  2. List of each chapter’s social media accounts
  3. Buddy Chapters
  4. Share chapter reports from conclave
  5. Personal travel award
    1. For the brother(s) who visit the most chapters
  6. Open forum for ideas from committee members

Conference Call Doodle

Hi Brothers!

I hope everyone is doing well so far! It’s time for our first conference call. I have made a doodle poll with a due date of this Friday September 16th by 11:59pm.  Our conference call will be in the next 2 weeks on the date that the most people are available. Let’s schedule it to be an hour long (just in case we have tons of ideas, but I feel like it will be done sooner than that). Please fill this out ASAP so I can get the conference call scheduled! I am looking forward to hearing from everyone!
Emily Hoadley

Committee Welcome Email

Hi Brothers!

Welcome to the Mid-America Province Communications Committee! I am so excited to meet and work with all of you this year!!

Below I have included the official description and charges for the committee.  I just want to highlight the two main goals I have for our committee: Chapter Relations and National Updates. I hope that this committee can help bring chapters closer together throughout the entire year and improve relationships and brotherhood events between chapters beyond conclave meetings and keep every chapter up to date with MAP and International Kappa Psi news.
As a committee member, each of you will have 2 main responsibilities.  1) Providing me/the committee with updates from your chapter and 2) providing your chapter with updates/news from MAP and the International Google Group. Specific details will be discussed in our conference calls and emails. I am planning on having periodic conference calls throughout the year. Our first one will be closer to the fall so keep your eye out for updates about that.
I know that things are a little slow for a lot of chapters over the summer, so I’m not planning on having a conference call or doing anything super official until sometime around August-September.  If you do anything fun with Brothers over the summer take a picture or two and send them to me to share with MAP!!
If you have any specific questions or ideas or anything that you think would be awesome for MAP or this committee (or just questions in general) please feel free to email me at any time!!
PTBYB, Emily

Communications Committee

Chair: Brother Emily Hoadley, Webmaster, kymapwebmaster@gmail.com

Description:  The communications committee will be helping improve relations between chapters by giving updates on what their chapter is up to. The committee will promote chapter events by sharing the news about them through our webpage, google group, fb group, and our new calendar on the webpage.  As a member you will serve as a connection between MAP and your chapter, by keeping your chapter informed about other chapters and MAP’s activities.


  1. Provide updates from your chapter (photos, event descriptions, stories) at least twice a semester to be added to the website.
  2. Provide monthly updates on upcoming events within your chapters to be added to the calendar on the webpage.
  3. Check International Google Group, International Facebook Group and website weekly to stay up-to-date on what’s going on with the Fraternity-at-large, so you can update your own chapters.