Fundraising Committee

Chairs: Brothers Antonio Rodriguez & Stephen Jankovic, &

Description:  The Fundraising Committee will be working on raising money for a Kappa Psi Foundation Donation, the MAP Philanthropy, and registration fees for MAP GCC delegates. Committee members will help plan fundraiser events and help spread the word about our fundraising efforts to their chapters. Fundraising efforts will vary from events at Conclaves, collaborating among Chapters, and possibly even reaching out by having a national fundraiser.


  1. Establish fundraisers for Fall and Spring conclave.  Organize and coordinate with committee members for themed chapter gift baskets for raffle and 50-50 raffle.  Communicate plans with entire province (especially within your own chapters!) at least 1 month prior to Fall and Spring conclave.
  2. Communicate via scheduled meetings with chapter fundraising members to come up with cross province fundraising events!
  3. Create one large event geared toward fundraising
  4. Exceed a fundraising goal while working in tandem for GCC fundraising
  5.  Establish progress reports and layouts for fundraising events do’s and don’ts to optimize our efforts.