Legislative Committee

Chair: Brother Matt Holderly, Parliamentarian, kymapparliamentarian@gmail.com

Description:  The Legislative Committee will be working on reviewing MAP ordinances as well as helping chapters update their local Ordinances.  Committee members will help keep their chapters informed and updated on upcoming legislative proposals and changes.


  1. Obtain, review, and produce recommendations regarding ordinances of other Provinces – by fall 2016 Conclave.
  2. Review and provide proposals to update MAP ordinances – by 2016 fall Conclave.
  3. Work with Chapters to provide feedback on local Chapter ordinance proposals and ensure that local Chapter ordinances are updated  at least once every 3 years
  4. Work with Treasurer and Auditing Committee to provide budgetary proposals for the Province – by fall 2016 (if needed) and spring 2017 Conclave(s).