Philanthropy Committee

Chair: Brother Jessica Chang, Secretary,

Description:  The purpose of the Philanthropy Committee is to promote all service and professional activities, with an emphasis on supporting the International Kappa Psi Philanthropy project as well as the selected Mid-America Province Philanthropy project. The committee will attempt to collaborate between chapters for events to support the MAP Philanthropy project and promote the cause during province meetings. As a member, you would serve as a liaison for your chapter to inform the committee about what your chapter is doing to support the efforts, as well as relaying information from the committee back to your chapter.


  1. Develop criteria for the philantrophy award based on the information that chapters will be reporting on the Chapter of the Year report.  Discuss and decide how the winner will be determined so you can announce the criteria at Fall conclave and calculate who will receive the philantrophy award at spring conclave.
  2. Decide what the MAP Philanthropy project will be for the 2016-2017 year by the end of June.
  3. Encourage MAP Chapters to get involved and participate in the province philanthropy project.
  4. Work with your own chapter to help reach a province-wide goal of  300 philanthropy hours with MAP Philanthropy project.
  5. Collaborate with committee members to brainstorm ideas to fundraise money for the MAP philanthropy project.