Satrap Bio-2017-2018

Tierney Mull, Mid-America Province Satrap

My home will forever be with Pi Chapter at Purdue University! Kappa Psi was a smaller chapter at Purdue and included well known faculty; I figured this was going to help me build stronger connections with others in my class and build my professional network.  I had no idea it was going to introduce me to hundreds of brothers while I was traveling through and to at least 4 states thus far and allow me to develop unique leadership skills incomparable to any other experience I have ever had.

So, now to more fun stuff.  Do I really have time for fun stuff right now?  Believe it or not, I do!  I enjoy taking spontaneous weekend trips to the bigger cities around me like Indy, Cincinnati and Nashville.  I love rollercoasters and theme parks, but I am even more excited for the haunted houses to open this fall!  And my inner-nerd loves to read, sadly I don’t do much of that leisurely now since I’m busy reading journal clubs every other week.

Well, I guess that’s all for now!  Don’t be shy to come say hello at Province! Thanks for reading!

Satrap Bio

When I first decided to pledge for Kappa Psi 4 years ago, I never would have imagined that I would one day have an opportunity to serve as Satrap for the entire province!  I knew very early on that I wanted to serve as Secretary of Mid-America Province, because I love to be organized and contribute “behind-the-scenes,” but the position of Satrap definitely seemed outside my comfort zone.  However, this past year, I was and continue to be amazed by everything our chapters have accomplished.  I realized that, if all of you guys could accomplish so much, I could handle the position of Satrap.  You guys inspired me to rise to the occasion!  I loved every second of being Secretary, and I put everything that I had into that position.  I plan to do the same with Satrap, and it is because of all of you.on.  I plan to do the same with Satrap, and it is because of all of you. My interests include philanthropy, salad, tree kangaroos, tutoring, traveling, my nieces, and my husband. 
Kappa Psi History
Fall 2012 Pledge class secretary
2013-2014 Chi Recording Secretary
2014-2015 Chi Corresponding Secretary
2015-2016 Chi IL Grad Liaison
Served as Chi chapter delegate for 3 MAP conclaves & 56th GCC
Founded Chi’s Philanthropy Committee, Fall 2013
2015-2016 Mid-America Province Secretary 
MAP Committees – Risk Management (2013-2014), Philanthropy Co-chair (2014-2016)
International Committees – Philanthropy 2013-present
Foundation Scholarship Recipient 2015
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Satrap 2016-2017 Charges

Brother Rebecca Mousseau, Satrap:

  1. Committees:  Maintain up-to-date committee lists and work with chapter mentors to ensure all chapters are represented in all committees.  Goal: 100% of committees should be filled by Fall conclave.
  2. Improving Communication Between MAP EC and MAP chapters:  Following every e-board conference call, compose a Satrap’s corner along with an update on our progress with charges/what each EC member accomplished during the month and what we’re working on. 
  3. Start Collegiate Development Committee:  Form committee composed of regent, vice regent, secretary and one appointee by the regent for each collegiate chapter.  Provide updates from MAP EC during monthly collegiate development committee meetings.  Conference calls will include chapter reports, Q & A, and topic discussions.
  4. MAP efforts to support national initiatives, including plans for celebrating national pharmacy week and poison prevention week, as well as Holiday Mail for Heroes to support American Red Cross