Secretary Biography 2017-2018

Hello, Brothers! My name is Jessica Chang and I’m currently a new graduate from Rho Chapter at the University of Kansas. I’m honored to be serving as the Mid-America Province Secretary for a second term, and I hope that it’s another great year! Currently, I’m employed at CVS Health and working in the Kansas City Metro Area as a full-time pharmacist. In my years at Rho Chapter, I was Regent for the year of 2015-16, Vice-Regent during 2014-2015, and involved with many other committees along the way. Kappa Psi has given me many opportunities in all aspects of life, whether it be friendships, job opportunities, and life advice. Since I’m a new graduate, a goal of mine this year is to not only serve another productive term as MAP Secretary, but to also re-activate Kansas City Graduate Chapter with other Brothers in the area. It’s going to be a great year, and if you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! PTBYB!

Secretary Bio

Hi, Brothers! My name is Jessica Chang, and I’m from Rho Chapter at the University of Kansas. Currently, I am the Mid-America Province Secretary and I wanted this position originally because I love this fraternity, and I love organization, so why not combine them both? I joined Kappa Psi when I first got into pharmacy school, and I honestly think that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My brothers are some of my best friends, and most of my greatest memories from pharmacy school involve Kappa Psi. One of my favorite memories in particular would involve the MAP Conclave that Chi held in Spring of 2014, when Rho won the Traveling Trophy and we celebrated the entire night with our fellow MAP brothers at the Saturday night social. Before being MAP Secretary, I was Regent of Rho for 2015-16, Vice Regent for 2014-15, and involved in our Rho’s social committee in 2013-14. Currently I’m in my last year of pharmacy school and going through all my rotations in the Kansas City/Lawrence/Wichita area. Some hobbies I have involve crafting, playing board games, and traveling. I’m super excited about all of the MAP Conclaves this year and getting to see all of my MAP brothers! PTBYB!

Secretary 2016-2017 Charges

Brother Jessica Chang, Secretary:

  1. Update Chapter of the Year Report and send out new COTY Form to all Collegiate chapters by the end of June.  Give feedback to each chapter regarding their COTY forms within one week of their submission.
  2. Create a new Province/National Deadline spreadsheet to share on FB and Google Groups by July.  Send out monthly reminders about upcoming deadlines & provide the forms regarding those deadlines.
  3. Collect 4 National Progress Report Growth Opportunities submissions and 2 chapter submissions for Fall and Spring newsletter.  One submission per month (9/1, 10/1, 11/1, 2/1, 3/1, 4/1).  Compile and share with Jill so that she can put them together into newsletters every month. 

Conclave: Send out Delegate Proxy Forms and collect them from each chapter before each Conclave.  Compile and Create Delegate Packets for each Conclave.  Record minutes from each Conclave and send them to the rest of the province within 72 hours of closing.