Chaplain Biography 2017-2018

Hi Brothers! My name is Eva Galka and I’ll be serving as your Chaplain this year! After being introduced to the fraternity as a disoriented P1, I was inspired by my family line’s active engagement within the fraternity at the chapter and regional level. Most importantly, they impressed upon me the importance of our fraternity’s tenants, rich history, traditions, and rituals. Little did I know, the decision to pledge Kappa Psi would end up becoming one of my greatest odysseys, allowing me to improve my interpersonal and professional skills, fostering bonds and granting me some of the best times of my life with Brothers both inside and outside of my home chapter. I’ve traveled alongside my Brothers to Wisconsin, Kansas, Tennessee, Georgia, New Mexico, and soon, Florida!
This year, I’ll be a P3 at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) College of Pharmacy. I work as an Inpatient Pharmacy Technician at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center and as an Intern at Walgreens Pharmacy. I serve as Chi Chapter’s Corresponding Secretary and resident cat lady (yes I will happily catsit for you) and President of UIC’s Polish American Pharmacists Association Student Chapter. When I’m not being awarded “Brother with the Most Kappa Psi Spirit” back home, I’m playing online videogames, overindulging in ice cream, or biking along the lakefront. My greatest (and only) talent is reciting every Taylor Swift lyric ever written.
My favorite part of being a Kappa Psi Brother is having the opportunity to meet and learn lessons from Brothers from all over the country, like my fellow Leadership Ambassadors; and Ritual of course! See you at Province!

January 2017 Satrap’s Corner

Hello Brothers,

I hope you’re as excited as I am for the TENTH(!) MID-AMERICA PROVINCE CONCLAVE!

In honor of the upcoming TENTH(!) MAP conclave, for every $10 you spend on bumper stickers to benefit Mid-America Province, you will receive an extra sticker free!

We are less than two months away from the Spring 2017 Mid-America Province assembly hosted by Rho Chapter in Lawrence, KS – March 10th-11th, 2017!

Purchase your bumper stickers online and receive them in the mail with no shipping charge!

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And for this month’s Satrap‘s Corner, I share with you….
10 of the 99+ Reasons I Can’t Wait for the 10th Mid-America Province Conclave on March 10th-11th!

1.  The one-and-only 10th MAP Conclave!  I can’t wait to honor the Brothers who are attending their 10th Mid-America Province Conclave!  We have so many Graduate Brothers who have given so much to our province over the years, and I’m excited to see them receive their 10 Pins!  This pin is given to all Brothers who are attending their 10th MAP conclave!  Plus, I can get a sneak peak before I earn mine next Fall!
2.  Elections!  I am so excited to see our newest leaders step up and bring new ideas and creativity to our province executive board!
3.  Philanthropy!  There are so many ways Philanthropy is incorporated into MAPConclaves!  The host chapter always has something exciting up their sleeves to support a local organization in need.  Remember how we volunteered to pack food at Feed My Starving Children with Epsilon Upsilon and made tie blankets for a local hospital with Beta Upsilon?  I can’t wait to see what Rho has in store!  Plus, the MAPPhilanthropy Committee will get us all involved with supporting the American Diabetes Association!  And we have a new award this year – the Philanthropist of the Year Award!  This is a new way to recognize the overall philanthropic contributions of a Brother from our province.
4.  Chapter of the Year!  I love to see us honor not only the top chapters but also the most improved chapter in our province!  The Mid-America Province Chapter of the Year Report as well as the National Progress Report can be used as tools for chapters to pinpoint potential areas of improvement so they can continue to grow and develop.  I definitely believe that, in this case, the journey is more significant than the destination.  This journey can help bring Brothers together as they work for a common goal.
5.  Graduation Ritual!  When I was a Graduating P4 Brother, I was just as excited for my Graduation Ritual as I was for my actual graduation ceremony itself!  Becoming a Graduate Brother is amazing, because you realize that you were lucky enough to join this group of people who will support you and you will support them throughout your professional lives.  I never feel alone as a pharmacist, because I know my Brothers are always there with an outstretched hand.
6.  Brother of the Year Awards!  This provides an awesome opportunity to recognize Brothers who may not always step into the spotlight.  They make contributions “behind-the-scenes” throughout the year without expecting anything in return….but this is our chance to honor them!
7.  Catching up with my Brothers before GCC!  I know that March is a little early for a MAP Spring conclave, but it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with my MAPBrothers before GCC!  GCC is only 5 months later, so we have lots of planning to do!
8.  Graduate Brother Roundtable!  We have a roundtable planned – “Preparing for Your First Year as a Pharmacist!”  This will be helpful for all Collegiate Brothers, especially the Graduating P4 Brothers!  There are so many workshops that help you prepare to apply for residency or approach your first interview, but what happens next?  How can you be ready to start your residency or to embark on your career as a pharmacist?  Here’s your chance to get advice from Graduate Brothers who have been through it!
9.  Professional Development: There’s the CE Saturday morning….plus workshops and business meetings!
10.  Spending time with my Brothers!  Whether at lunch between business meetings, during the Saturday night banquet or during the philanthropy event, I always want to see more of my Brothers!
I hope to see you March 10th in Kansas!

December 2016 Satrap’s Corner

Seasons Greetings, MAP Brothers!

It’s time for our December Satrap‘s Corner where I give you a “behind-the-scenes” glimpse into what’s going on with MAP business.
  • 10 Pins: We are so excited to be ordering the 10 pins based on the design created by Brother Sharvil Boda of Epsilon Omega!  This will be a great way to honor those Brothers who have put in the time and dedication to attend 10 MAP Conclaves!
  • Mid-America Province Newsletter: Thanks to 100% of collegiate chapters and 100% of MAP EC members for contributing!  Wonderful job to Historian Jill Shah for putting it all together!
  • Preparing for Spring Conclave: We are working on making the agenda to ensure that there is time to address all necessary business.  If you have any feedback/ideas, please let me know and stay tuned for more details!
  • Giving Back During the Holiday Season:  There’s a fun, easy way to contribute to the American Diabetes Association (the MAP Philanthropy Project) this holiday season!  Secretary Jessica Chang and the Philanthropy Committee are promoting the Johnson & Johnson “Donate a Photo” event to help raise money to send children to the American Diabetes Association Diabetes Camp. For each photo donated during the month of December, $1 will be given by Johnson & Johnson to this cause.Click the following link for more details:
  • FISH Awards: Congratulations to the recipients of the Fellowship, Industry and Sobriety Awards!  Looking forward to nominations for the High Ideals Award.  Thank you to Chaplain Adrian Hollis (AKA “MAP Chap”) for bringing this idea from Epsilon Rho to our entire province!
  • Recognizing Brothers from your chapter: It’s not too soon to start thinking about Spring Awards.  Please encourage Brothers from your chapter to fill out the “Philanthropist of the Year” award form throughout the year so it’s easier to remember all their philanthropic contributions.
In closing, I want to wish you all a happy and safe holiday season!

Fellowship Award Winners

Good evening Brothers!
I would like to announce our Fellowship Award winners for this semester! 🙂
Amolee Patel from Epsilon Rho: “Amolee has worked hard and done an amazing job with the rush video.”
Mark Abadines from Epsilon Omega: “Mark exemplifies all the characteristics of a good brother. He is there whenever you need him, whether it’s school or personal related. His outgoing personality makes him a strong and outspoken leader. If there is one person I can count on to attend a Kappa Psi related event, regardless of what chapter’s event it is, it is Mark. Mark inspires the rest of our chapter to love Kappa Psi as much as he does, and he strives to improve our chapter every day.” -Mary Devereux
Antonio Rodriguez from Epsilon Upsilon: “Because this Brother is a grade A friend who goes above and beyond to always be there for anyone. In addition, Antonio looks out for Brothers of all Chapters.”
Adrian Hollis from Epsilon Rho: “Because Adrian truly exemplifies what Fellowship means in Kappa Psi, always going out of her way to be your friend and look out for you because at her core, that’s who she is.”
Jill Shah from Delta Nu: “Always bubbly and fun, Jill always comes out to KY events and always is the person to be around!”
Suzanne Salutric from Epsilon Upsilon: “Suzanne goes above and beyond to exemplify Fellowship in all aspects of her life. She values her relationships with all of her brothers and it shows through her attitude and actions. She never takes a step forward without forgetting to turn around an ask if any of her brothers need any help. She is selfless and kindhearted and dedicates those aspects of herself towards making the Kappa Psi brotherhood the best that it can be.” –Megan Chan
Huge THANK YOU to everyone that took the time to nominate their fellow Brothers. This all made me so happy to read, my heart is swelling at the display of Fellowship I see not from our nominees but also those who nominated. You are all so very awesome and wonderful and I’m so excited to everyone sharing how great our Brotherhood is!
(Sad side note, received no nominations for Brother of the Month…but am very pleased with this, so I will see you guys next month for the Industry Award!)
Never been more PTBYB,
MAP Chap ❤

November Satrap’s Corner



Greetings Brothers,


It’s November, which means it’s not only time for my next Satrap’s Corner, but it’s also time to remember what we are thankful for and take some extra time to visit family.  I feel very grateful for not only my husband, my biological family and my in-laws but also for my family of Kappa Psi Brothers.  While my biological family is hours and hours away in New York, Philadelphia, St. John’s, Newfoundland, etc., I am fortunate to have my Mid-America Province Kappa Psi Brothers within 8 hours driving distance or less of my home.  This fact has brought me so much comfort for over 4 years, and I wanted to thank you all for inviting me into your homes to celebrate important family events, like charterings, pinning ceremonies, initiations, graduation rituals, and more.  I’m trying to take some extra time this Thanksgiving season to visit you all before the weather gets worse and starts to make traveling more of a challenge, so thank you all for welcoming me in.


I am also very thankful for the chance to serve as Mid-America Province Satrap and for the incredible support from our executive board.  We are hard at work preparing for our next conclave coming up on March 10th and 11th in Lawrence, Kansas!  I can’t believe Rho Chapter is about to host the 10th Mid-America Province Conclave!  My very first conclave was actually the second MAP conclave, which was held in Lawrence, Kansas, so it is exciting to return.  When I was a Neophyte, anxiously serving as delegate for the first time, I had no idea that 4 short years later, I would return as satrap.  My Mid-America Province Brothers have helped me to accomplish more than I ever could have realized as a Neophyte back in Spring of 2013.  For that, I am incredibly grateful.  


Happy Thanksgiving!




Sobriety Award Winners

Hello Mid-America Bros!
Here they are, our Sobriety Award winners!
(Margaret) Meg Olson from Epsilon Omega: “Meg is a crucial piece that makes our chapter as successful as we are. She always has an open mind and non-biased opinions during discussions of chapter business. She pushes our chapter to think about things that we may not have considered during different committee meetings and general body meetings. Without Meg, our chapter would not be where it is today, and she deserves to be recognized. “
Paul Schiferl from Rho: “Paul has exemplified the quality of Sobriety by enriching the lives of our Rho chapter brothers by always willing to step up to help those that sometimes are not aware of needing assistance. A characteristic that I have observed in Paul over the years is that he helps without asking questions and expects nothing in return. For example, he has shown ongoing initiative, leadership, and dedication by ensuring everyone in Rho chapter are safe and comfortable at all our events. He is genuine about the well-being of people and has earned the respect of his peers in which people can approach him with any questions or concerns. I know that I can depend on Paul if I ever need help anytime, whether last minute or planning for events because his contribution to Rho chapter and to society has greatly impacted my life. Recently, I challenge myself to ‘walk in Paul’s shoes’ and in difficult situations, I think, ‘How would Paul behave’? Paul Schiferi is a passionate advocate for his peers and his assistance will always be deeply appreciated.”
Jory Angileri from Epsilon Rho: “Once he sets his mind to something, he follows through. He has dogged determination to see the outcome that he desires. Its hard to find a more sober individual.”
Ben Nagy from Chi: “Throughout this semester I’ve worked alongside Ben almost on a daily basis. In this time, I’ve watched him time and again prove to me why we as a chapter voted him to be our Regent. During our pledging season, Ben would be the one coming up with the best possible solutions and knowing when to ask for help. He was fair in all his decisions both to pledges and actives. Even after pledging season was over, we continued to have tough calls that had to be made. We had to hold disciplinary trials and when I myself struggled to hold my composure through the whole process, Ben was my rock and helped me to focus and make clear choices in how the situation needed to be handled. He is a brother that not only lives his life making sober minded decisions but helps others to do as well and that is why I’m nominating him for this award.”
Antonio Rodriguez from Epsilon Upsilon: “Because this Brother has always conducted himself as the pinnacle of professionalism with whatever he has dealt with. Putting his Fraternity above all else, even on his own birthday, this man is the definition of Sobriety. Few others can be counted on for counsel than Brother Antonio Rodriguez.”
Stephen Jankovic from Illinois Grad: “Sobriety means rational decision making and focusing on goals, and few other Brothers have been so focused and clear-of-mind as Stephen Jankovic has. Always one to give back to his Fraternity, Stephen has long been a pillar of striving to be an amazing Brother no matter what position he holds or does not hold in our Province.”
Michael Bailey: “This brother has been one that all of us have been able to look up to. He has wisdom and life experience that has played a major role in the improvement of our chapter. He addresses all problems with a sober mind and ensures objectivity in every decision he makes.” –Kevin Heath
Selma Dzelil from Epsilon Upsilon: “Brother Selma exemplifies sobriety both in our chapter as well as in her every day life with her friends and family. You can always count on her for sound advice because she has the rare ability to step back and give genuine, unbiased and unclouded advice to her brothers, friends, and family. It’s something that makes me look up to her!”
Thank you all so much for your patience with me (I know his took forever)! And once again, CONGRATS to our award winners! It is always so wonderful to read all of these kind words about each other, let’s keep this up with High Ideals nominations (coming soon to an electronic device near you!)!!
Have a good night and PTBYB,
Adrian aka MAP Chap ❤

High Ideals Award Winners

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to announce our High Ideals Award winners!

Rameez Hasan from Epsilon Upsilon: “Brother Rameez Hasan always goes above and beyond to exemplify High Ideals. He never lets anything get in his way of achieving the best and he never sets his standards low. He sets high ideals for how he treats his friends and always makes sure he is there for someone when they need it. I’ve seen him work really hard and it makes me proud to call him not only a friend but also a brother that represents Kappa Psi.”

Anna Gracheva from Epsilon Omega: “Anna has been an outstanding brother from past two years. She always made herself available to our chapter. She is highly involved in multiple committees and has great input to make sure we hold high standard within our chapter. If I have to name one brother from our chapter to count-on that would be Anna.”

Summer Weiler from Rho: “Summer is worthy of the High Ideals award by being someone who is honest, accessible, and energetic. She is always involved and empathetic by being a friend or a mentor to many people in our pharmacy school. I believe this award recognize people who provide unselfish services and intend to improve the lives of others. I respect Summer Weiler as an outstanding example for this award.”

Meg Olson from Epsilon Omega: “Margaret Olson-
She always pushes her fellow brothers and the entire chapter to make sure we are operating as optimal as we can be in order to reach even greater heights. In her time at Epsilon Omega, she was a major driving force for the successes that we’ve achieved here. She has exhibited traits of High Ideals from day 1 as a pledge president. She made sure that her and her pledge class not only crossed, but crossed as arguably the best pledge class to walk these halls. As a brother, she constantly has the best interests of the chapter in mind at all times time and is not afraid to voice her concerns and provide solutions for each challenge we may come across. Recently, she won the sobriety award, which is extremely fitting. In order to help the organization to the pinnacle of excellence, one must have a clear and calculating mind at all times. She has helped us accomplish our goals with professionalism, grace, humility, positivity, and above all else with love and passion for Kappa Psi in her heart. We thank her, for her hard work, and never ending passion for this fraternity.”

Edward Oldfield from Epsilon Upsilon: “EJ has always exemplified what it means to be a great Brother. He always willing to help his Bros in a moment’s notice. He upholds the pillars of our Fraternity throughout all aspects of his life: academic, professional, and personal. He makes all Brothers feel welcome with his kind words, undying positivity, and quirky sense of humor. He’s the only Bro I know that has 3-4 pins, just to make sure he is never without KY representation wherever he happens to be. He holds Kappa Psi near and dear to his heart, and it shows in all of the wonderful things he does for the Fraternity. If anybody deserves this award, it’s this guy.”

Patrice Davis from Epsilon Rho: “Patrice has been an amazing Brother to look up to. She has worked tirelessly to make our Fraternity better and stronger, both at the Chapter and Province level. She is wise beyond her years, and always acts with the interests of KY in mind. Patrice is always willing to give her advice and support to her fellow Bros without hesitation. Despite the setbacks that have been thrown in her way, she has done a phenomenal job in overcoming them with her grace and unwavering professionalism.”

A big congrats to our award winners, you are truly an inspiration to all of us! And congrats to all of our FISH Award winners, past and present! And thank you to those of you who took the time to recognize these awesome Bros.

It has been a very heartwarming experience to read about each and every one of our wonderful Bros, to recognize all of the things that may get missed between Provinces, and to boost our sense of Brotherhood with each award. I am grateful for all of your kind words, your nominations, and opportunity to bother you every month or so to spread some love!
Thanks and PTBYB,
Adrian aka MAP Chap ❤


February/March 2017 Parliamentarian’s Corner: The Committee of the Whole

Purpose: As we discussed previously, a huge advantage to utilizing Robert’s Rules is that it provides structure to our meetings and designates methods for achieving various goals. Occasionally, a very important but non-specific or ill-defined question/idea is brought up for discussion. When this happens, it is generally a good idea to refer such a question/idea to a committee of Brothers in which the thought can be discussed in greater detail but without the constraints set on discussion outlined by the House Rules and Robert’s Rules (such as those regarding time limits for discussion, the number of times an individual Brother can speak, etc.). However, an issue may be so important that it warrants discussion and input from every Brother attending the meeting and/or cannot be delayed until a committee can discuss the question/idea in detail. When a situation such as those described above arises, Brothers can utilize the Committee of the Whole. Discussion: There are several different ways in which the Committee of the Whole may be used. The procedure is dependent upon the needs of the group and the level of formality required within the discussion. Each of the three options will be outlined below with the key similarities and differences highlighted. 1. Committee of the Whole 2. As if in (or Quasi) Committee of the Whole 3. Informal Consideration 1. Committee of the Whole – most formal, most flexible discussion: a. A Brother must make a motion to commit or refer in order to start the process. For example, “I motion that a Committee of the Whole be formed to discuss X” (X being the topic of discussion). In this case, there is no specified time limit included in the motion. Should you wish to limit debate in the Committee of the Whole, you should state the length of time in the motion, such as – “…Committee of the Whole be formed to discuss X for 10 minutes.” However, note that if a time limit is approved, discussion time while in the Committee of the Whole CANNOT be extended. If the motion to refer to the Committee of the Whole passes, continue to the next step below. b. As the formal chairperson of the group, the presiding Officer (Regent/Satrap/Grand Regent) will then appoint a “Chairperson” for the committee who will lead the discussion (and later provide the “report” of the committee). c. At this point, discussion is open to Brothers and only motions to adopt (creating a main motion), motions to amend a main motion, and a motion to “rise and report” are allowed (the motion to “rise and report” ends discussion within the Committee of the Whole). Brothers are allowed to speak as many times as they may like, provided each Brother is given an opportunity to speak at least once before a Brother speaks a second time. Limits regarding the length of each individual speech included in the House Rules are observed while in the Committee of the Whole (the Committee of the Whole removes limits to the total length of time a Brother can speak and the number of speeches an individual Brother can make if these are limited in the House Rules). d. The motion to “rise and report” is equivalent to a privileged motion to adjourn (it requires a majority affirmative vote, cannot be amended, and is undebatable). When the time limit set during the motion to refer to the Committee of the Whole has been reached, or a motion to rise and report has passed, the presiding Officer will call upon the appointed Committee of the Whole chairperson to provide their report of the committee’s discussion. The report should contain a brief summary of the main ideas discussed by the Committee of the Whole and also include any recommendations (main motion(s) which the committee voted to approve while in the Committee of the Whole). i. Should the Committee of the Whole create a main motion, the group will need to vote as to whether the motion should be adopted. This second vote is needed because the vote to adopt while within the Committee of the Whole is actually a vote to recommend the motion to the main group (the Chapter, Province, Fraternity as a whole depending on the situation) and not a motion to simply approve and adopt the motion as it would be considered while outside of the Committee of the Whole. ii. If a main motion is created and amended, vote(s) should be taken by the main group to determine if amendments recommended by the Committee will be accepted by the main group. A member may ask that each amendment proposed by the Committee be voted on separately; otherwise, it is in order to simply vote on whether or not to adopt all amendments to the main motion and then subsequently vote on whether the main group will adopt the main motion (with or without the proposed amendments). iii. If no main motion is recommended by the Committee of the Whole, the report will simply conclude with a brief summary of the proceedings of the Committee – note that the report of the chairperson (and not the discussions while in the Committee of the Whole) should be included in the meeting minutes. 2. As if in (or Quasi) the Committee of the Whole – less formal, less flexible. a. There are a few key differences between the Committee of the Whole and the Quasi Committee of the whole. They are outlined below: i. The motion to start the process would be something to the effect of “I motion to discuss X as if in the Committee of the Whole for 10 minutes”. You might also say “I motion to discuss X in the Quasi Committee of the Whole for 10 minutes”. Again, note the time limit, which may or may not be included. ii. The presiding Officer (Regent/Satrap/Grand Regent) retains the chair in this case, leads discussion, and provides the report of the Committee when discussion has concluded. iii. If a main motion is adopted (with or without amendments) while in the Quasi Committee of the Whole, the committee is automatically dissolved and the presiding officer presents the report of the Quasi Committee of the Whole. Additionally, all other possible subsidiary motions are allowed when in the Quasi Committee of the Whole. Any subsidiary motion accepted by the main group also automatically dissolves the Quasi Committee of the Whole. For example, motions to postpone, lay on the table, refer to committee, etc. are allowed and put an end to discussion within the Quasi Committee of the Whole. iv. When discussion within the Quasi Committee of the Whole has ended, the presiding Officer will provide the report of the Quasi Committee of the Whole, including any recommendations made by the committee. The main group will need to vote on the recommendations in the same way as if discussion was completed within the Committee of the Whole. Once again, the report of the Committee, not the discussion said within the Quasi Committee of the Whole, should be included in the meeting minutes. 3. Informal Discussion – least formal, least flexible: a. There are, again, several key differences. They are outlined below: i. The motion to start the process would be something to the effect of “I motion to discuss X informally for 10 minutes”. Again, note the time limit, which may or may not be included. ii. Because there is no committee involved, there is no report of committee discussion or committee recommendations. As such, all motions made during informal discussion carry the same weight and force as if not being discussed informally (a motion to adopt a main motion, for example, is voted on only once and adopted or rejected as it would be during normal discussion. iii. When discussing a question/idea informally, the only rules which are disposed of are those regarding the number of individual speeches and the length of individual speeches (as is the case in the Committee of the Whole and the Quasi Committee of the Whole). However, when using informal discussion, these exceptions only apply to discussions of main motions or amendments – any other debatable motions carry the normal limits to individual speeches described in the House Rules. iv. As when discussing an idea within a Quasi Committee of the Whole, any adoption of a main motion or subsidiary motion automatically ends informal discussion. Because there is no committee involved in informal discussion, any ideas discussed or motions made should be included in the meeting minutes. Example: A few Brothers at your Chapter have decided that they believe the Chapter should do a better job of recognizing the amazing contributions of the Chapter’s Brothers. However, they are unsure of where to start and would like to discuss their ideas with the Chapter. During the Chapter’s next general body meeting a Brother motions to “form a Committee of the Whole to discuss potential options for recognition of Brothers.” A number of Brothers second the motion and it passes easily with little discussion. As such, the Chapter Regent chooses the Brother making the motion to act as the chairperson of the Committee of the Whole. Discussion begins and Brothers make a number of points which help to form ideas for potential methods of recognition. Questions raised include: 1. What actions and/or qualities are worthy of recognition? 2. How will Brothers be chosen for recognition? 3. How many Brothers should be recognized in a given time period? 4. What form of recognition will be given? 5. Should multiple forms of recognition be used? Based on this discussion, Brothers create a number of ideas for recognition: 1. Brothers will be recognized weekly by nomination from another Brother for clearly demonstrating Industry, Sobriety, Fellowship or High Ideals. 2. Monthly, a Brother will be recognized for their outstanding leadership within the Chapter’s committees. The Chapter will vote on nominations submitted by committee chairpersons. These Brothers will have the privilege of being served first at all Chapter events in which food is served during the next academic year. 3. A single Brother will be recognized as the “Brother of the Year”. The Chapter’s Executive Committee will select the recipient after receiving nominations from the Chapter. Each recipient will have their name displayed on a plaque which will be hung in the Chapter’s College display case. 4. Dues will be increased by 10% to fund a small scholarship, to be given to two P4 Brothers yearly. The Executive Committee will work with the Chapter GCD to create the scholarship criteria. 5. The Brother who fundraises the most money for the Chapter will be given a refund for their yearly dues at the end of each academic year. Once these ideas were formed and each was adopted by the Committee of the Whole for recommendation through a majority affirmative vote, a Brother motions that the Committee “rise and report its conclusions”. Upon summarizing the discussion and the 5 recommendations devised by the Committee, the Chapter votes and adopts each recommendation. Conclusion: As you can see, the Committee of the Whole, as well as the other options for expanding discussion, provide a variety of interesting ways in which Brothers can lessen the normal constraints of discussion. While each option is slightly different, each method provides unique characteristics and provides differing advantages which may be utilized for the purpose of better meeting the needs of the Fraternity.

January 2017 Parliamentarian’s Corner: Adoption of Committee Reports

Purpose: As we discussed previously, a huge advantage to utilizing Robert’s Rules is that it provides structure to our meetings and designates methods for achieving various goals. One minor, yet important topic, is that of how the Chapter, Province or Fraternity-At-Large adopts reports of standing or special committees. While your Chapter may not regularly receive reports from committees, it is important to know how to receive such reports as the mechanisms for adopting reports can vary significantly depending on the contents of the report. Discussion: The procedure is dependent upon the answers to the following questions: 1. Are there any actionable recommendations or resolutions included in the report of the committee? 2. If there are actionable recommendations or resolutions, what type of business was discussed by the committee? 3. Does such business include amendments or substitutions of proposals/documents? Starting with question 1, the following discussion will assist your thinking: Question 1 – No actionable recommendations or resolutions contained in the report. In this case, no action needs to be taken – should the report consist of facts and/or opinions of the committee members, no action is needed, as the members do not need to act on the opinions/facts provided by the committee. Question 1 – Actionable recommendations or resolutions contained in the report. In this case, the members will need to vote as to whether or not they will accept and follow the recommendation(s)/resolution(s) presented by the committee which are contained in the report. Question 2 – What type of business was discussed? While I will not go into excessive detail here, discussions, proposals, resolutions, etc. that are referred/committed to committees take precedence over simple recommendations made by a committee during their normal course of business. Thus, there are special limits as to what will happen in the case of question 3 for issues referred/committed to a committee, as these question(s)/issue(s) carry the weight of the membership’s voice (as the members must have previously voted to refer or commit the question(s)/issue(s) to the committee). Question 3 – Do recommendations or resolutions contain amendments and/or substitutions? While this is the most complex situation, the course of action should seem reasonable. Documents which are referred/committed to a committee may be amended by the committee during their deliberations, and, as such, the members must decide if such amendments or substitutions of text meet their needs. At such a point, discussion of the amendment to the original recommendation, proposal, resolution, document, etc. must take place before the recommendation(s)/resolution(s) contained in the report can be adopted by the members. An example will likely be helpful: Example: The Pledging Committee has been referred the following question: “What were the outcomes and problems associated with social events during the previous pledging season?” After discussing the issue, the Pledging Committee Reports that they believe that the question is too narrowly focused and makes the following recommendations: 1. The question be amended to say “What were the outcomes and problems associated with social and professional development events during the previous pledging season?” 2. The Committee be given an additional month to discuss and develop recommendations regarding all such events. With these recommendations provided to the Chapter by the Committee in an open meeting, the chair should open discussion regarding: I. The amendment to the charge of the Committee which adds professional development events to those being evaluated. a. During discussion, the amendment could be amended further by any member through the normal method of offering an amendment to a proposal. When discussion ends, if the amendment(s) is/are approved or rejected, then the members will need to discuss the recommendation as it stands and vote again as to whether or not the final recommendation be accepted by the Chapter. II. As such, let’s say that the proposals are successfully amended by members as to read as follows: 1. What were the outcomes and problems associated with social and professional development events during the previous pledging season? 2. The Committees be given an additional 2 weeks to discuss and develop recommendations regarding all such events hosted by the Chapter in the month of September. III. At this point, provided discussion on the charges of the Committee has ended, members will vote as to whether these recommendations will be adopted by the Chapter and provided to the Pledging Committee in this case, or simply adopted by the Chapter in the case of other topics, such as for the budget (in terms of business presented by the Auditing Committee), or Local Ordinance proposals (in terms of business presented by the Legislative Committee). Conclusion: As you can see, recommendations/resolutions made by a Committee may have major effects upon the business of the Committee as well as the members as a whole. Therefore, it is important for members to understand the role they play in adopting or influencing the work of Committees.

Industry Award Winners

Hello again MAP Brothers,
I am pleased to introduce to you this semester’s Industry Award winners!
Jatin Gumpella from Epsilon Omega: “Jatin truly displays all the qualities for the Industry Award. He is dedicated and passionate not only in KY, but with everything he does. He always puts a smile on our faces and makes time no matter how busy he is. Not only is he an excellent KY Brother, but an even better friend!”
Brian Bergquist from Epsilon Omega: “[this] brother has shown great leadership qualities; has been vice president for three years, president for the fourth; and helped established Industry Pharmacists Organization at our school.”
Dan Dudman from Beta Upsilon: “Not only is Dan dedicated with Kappa Psi, but with his studies as well, being that he is a year ahead in pharmacy school and is involved in numerous other activities on campus.” –Megan Martin
Joelitta Ansong from Epsilon Upsilon: “Joelitta is a such hard worker. Not only in Kappa Psi, but in everything she does. She planned an amazing conclave all while being on her APPE rotations. One of her former APPE preceptors uses her as an example any time he gets the chance because of the dedication she shows during difficult times while maintaining a smile through it all. She is working hard to accomplish her residency goals, which she will no doubt achieve. She is definitely an inspiration to all that know her, and I am so happy to be able to call her a Brother and a friend.”
Matt Holderly from Chi: “I am nominating Brother Matt Holderly for his innovative approach to the practice of pharmacy. He simultaneously pursued a Master’s in Education while completing the rigorous pharmacy school curriculum, because he sees that pharmacists are educators, no matter what setting we end up working in. He sees that we can apply the principles of effective teaching to help improve patient education. For that, and many other reasons, I am proud to be his Brother.” –Becca Mousseau
A very big heartfelt thanks to all of the Brothers that took some time to share these wonderful stories with us. I was once again so moved to see all of the great things we have to say about one another, you guys really are the best! Also, congratulations to those outstanding Industrious Brothers! Your hard work and dedication is an inspiration to us all. See you guys again soon for the next FISH Award, Sobriety!
Thanks and congrats again–always so very PTBYB,
Adrian aka MAP Chap ❤