November Satrap’s Corner

Greetings Brothers,

It’s November, which means it’s not only time for my next Satrap’s Corner, but it’s also time to remember what we are thankful for and take some extra time to visit family.  I feel very grateful for not only my husband, my biological family and my in-laws but also for my family of Kappa Psi Brothers.  While my biological family is hours and hours away in New York, Philadelphia, St. John’s, Newfoundland, etc., I am fortunate to have my Mid-America Province Kappa Psi Brothers within 8 hours driving distance or less of my home.  This fact has brought me so much comfort for over 4 years, and I wanted to thank you all for inviting me into your homes to celebrate important family events, like charterings, pinning ceremonies, initiations, graduation rituals, and more.  I’m trying to take some extra time this Thanksgiving season to visit you all before the weather gets worse and starts to make traveling more of a challenge, so thank you all for welcoming me in.

I am also very thankful for the chance to serve as Mid-America Province Satrap and for the incredible support from our executive board.  We are hard at work preparing for our next conclave coming up on March 10th and 11th in Lawrence, Kansas!  I can’t believe Rho Chapter is about to host the 10th Mid-America Province Conclave!  My very first conclave was actually the second MAP conclave, which was held in Lawrence, Kansas, so it is exciting to return.  When I was a Neophyte, anxiously serving as delegate for the first time, I had no idea that 4 short years later, I would return as satrap.  My Mid-America Province Brothers have helped me to accomplish more than I ever could have realized as a Neophyte back in Spring of 2013.  For that, I am incredibly grateful.  

Happy Thanksgiving!



October 2016 Parliamentarian’s Corner: Motion to Postpone

Motion to Postpone vs. Motion to Postpone Indefinitely:

Purpose:  As we discussed previously, a huge advantage to utilizing Robert’s Rules is that it provides structure to our meetings and designates methods for achieving various goals. From time to time, you may find it necessary to postpone particular business for a certain, relatively long length of time rather than simply delaying it very briefly (as we discussed previously with the motion to lay on the table). For this purpose, you should utilize the motion to postpone. However, this is quite different than the motion to postpone indefinitely, as this motion stops debate and defeats a main motion without an actual vote taking place. As you can see, these seemingly similar motions are actually quite different – you can see how different they actually are below.

How it Works: The simple motion to postpone allows for a motion to be delayed until a certain specified time during the current meeting or the next meeting or simply until the next scheduled meeting. As such, a motion may be made to “postpone the question at hand until 3 PM.”, “postpone the question at hand until 3 PM. during the next meeting”, or “postpone the question at hand until the next meeting”.

The motion to postpone indefinitely allows a Brother to promptly end debate on a main motion, should they believe the motion to be frivolous or not worthy of discussion. When this motion passes, the motion that has been postponed may not be brought up again for discussion during the meeting in which it was postponed.

These two motions require a “second” from another Brother, are debatable, and a simple majority of 50% +1 Brothers attending the meeting and voting affirmatively are needed for passage of either motion. However, the motion to postpone indefinitely may not be amended or reconsidered if defeated.


  • A Brother in your Chapter has made the motion to “celebrate the Regent’s birthday by requiring the Chaplain to bring 99 cupcakes to the next Executive Committee meeting.”

o   Several Brothers laugh, and shout “second”

  • With the motion on the floor for discussion, you raise your hand and are acknowledged by the chair.

o   You say “while I would love to celebrate our Regent’s birthday, our Chaplain is much too busy to bake 99 cupcakes. I motion to postpone the previous question indefinitely.”

o   Your motion is seconded by the (very busy) Chaplain.

  • Debate on your motion starts, and, because you think most Brothers will support you, you make a motion to end debate by saying: “I motion for the previous question”.

o   The Chaplain seconds your motion once again.

o   Your motion to end debate passes easily.

  • Your motion to postpone indefinitely is now voted upon and passes, allowing for a more serious discussion of business.

In conclusion, motions to postpone allow us to delay or stop discussion on motions when we find that the time is simply not right for discussion or that motions are ill advised or frivolous. As you can see, these motions, when utilized properly, allow you to better control the flow of business in your meetings – as such, they are excellent tools in our parliamentary procedures toolkit!

October Satrap’s Corner

Greetings Brothers,

It was a pleasure to see you all at the recent Mid-America Province conclave!  Thank you again to Province Planning Chair Joelitta Ansong and Regent Cony Hartnett as well as all the Brothers of Epsilon Upsilon for hosting a wonderful conclave!  Medieval Times was a truly unique and memorable experience for the closing banquet, and fun was had by all!  We had a lot of business to discuss during general sessions, and I appreciate everyone’s participation!  Vice Satrap Patrice Davis will be sending out a feedback form in the upcoming weeks, so be on the lookout for that, as we truly value your thoughts and feedback.

I am excited to start my October Satrap’s Corner with a couple reminders:

1)  Submissions for the Fall Mid-America Province Newsletter are due November 1st!  Please send photos, updates, stories, articles to Secretary Jessica Chang (!  For collegiates, this is in lieu of the National Progress Report Growth Opportunities submission for that month.  For grads, we would definitely appreciate your contributions as well!

2)  The Outstanding Graduate Brother Award Nominations are due to Historian Jill Shah ( by November 9th!  This is coming up really soon!  Please send Jill your response (in 100 words or less each) to the following questions pertaining to your nominee:

  1. How does this Graduate Brother continue to uphold our fundamental qualities of Industry, Sobriety, Fellowship, and High Ideals in both their personal and professional lives?
  2. What does this Brother do to encourage continued involvement of Brothers after graduation?

Starting 11/9, chapters will be given one month to review the applications and regents will vote on behalf of their chapter via a poll that Jill creates by 12/9.  Provided that quorum is reached by 12/9/2016, voting will close at 11:59pm and no other votes will be collected.  For future years, we will be able to vote on the recipient at Fall conclave and recognize this Brother at Fall conclave.   The recipient will serve as our guest speaker during the Graduation Ritual in the Spring and have their early registration fee waived.

There is a lot more coming up in MAP that I am excited about….

  • Our next Collegiate Development Committee conference call will be in November!  Historian Jill Shah will be discussing our new awards and how they can be used as tools to help recognize Brothers within your chapters!
  • 10 Pin: In November, I will be reaching out to the regents for votes on the 10 pin designs.  That way, we can get the pins ordered in time for Spring Conclave – the 10th conclave of Mid-America Province!
  • Chapter events!  Please keep inviting Brothers to your events on the MAP facebook group and MAP google group!  Not only do you get points for Chapter of the Year, but it helps us remain close between conclaves!

Thank you all again for all of your contributions to your chapter, our province and the Fraternity-at-large!

I will be continuing to send my monthly Satrap’s Corners out through email in the future, and all Satrap’s Corners can be seen here:



Webmaster Bio

Hi Brothers!

I am Emily Hoadley, a P4 from Pi chapter (Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN).  I am from the Chicago Suburbs (Palatine), but will be living all over the Midwest this year during rotations.  I joined Kappa Psi as a second year pre-pharmacy student in 2012. After becoming a brother I have held the positions of Sergeant-At-Arms, Chaplain, and Professional Projects Co-Chair at Pi Chapter. One of my favorite times with Kappa Psi has been at the Leadership Symposium in Albuquerque this summer.  It was so much fun to meet brothers from all over the country.  Outside of pharmacy school I am involved at Purdue as a Senior Distinguished Ambassador for the Office of the Dean of Students. Additionally I love to sing, volunteer, read, and attempt to bake/cook new recipes I find on Pinterest. I am so excited for this opportunity to serve as your MAP Webmaster this year!


Emily Hoadley


Satrap Bio

When I first decided to pledge for Kappa Psi 4 years ago, I never would have imagined that I would one day have an opportunity to serve as Satrap for the entire province!  I knew very early on that I wanted to serve as Secretary of Mid-America Province, because I love to be organized and contribute “behind-the-scenes,” but the position of Satrap definitely seemed outside my comfort zone.  However, this past year, I was and continue to be amazed by everything our chapters have accomplished.  I realized that, if all of you guys could accomplish so much, I could handle the position of Satrap.  You guys inspired me to rise to the occasion!  I loved every second of being Secretary, and I put everything that I had into that position.  I plan to do the same with Satrap, and it is because of all of you.on.  I plan to do the same with Satrap, and it is because of all of you. My interests include philanthropy, salad, tree kangaroos, tutoring, traveling, my nieces, and my husband. 
Kappa Psi History
Fall 2012 Pledge class secretary
2013-2014 Chi Recording Secretary
2014-2015 Chi Corresponding Secretary
2015-2016 Chi IL Grad Liaison
Served as Chi chapter delegate for 3 MAP conclaves & 56th GCC
Founded Chi’s Philanthropy Committee, Fall 2013
2015-2016 Mid-America Province Secretary 
MAP Committees – Risk Management (2013-2014), Philanthropy Co-chair (2014-2016)
International Committees – Philanthropy 2013-present
Foundation Scholarship Recipient 2015
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September 2016 Satrap’s Corner

Hello Brothers,

With conclave less than a week away, our province executive board is so excited to see you soon for a fun and productive weekend filled with Brotherhood!

A couple things I’m especially excited about….

    1. Feed My Starving Children Philanthropy Event!  Did you know this organization feeds children in 70 developing nations?  The event is on Friday at 1072 National Parkway in Schaumburg at 6pm sharp!  We must be there on time for the required training.
    2. Trivia Fundraiser!   This event is perfect for those Game of Thrones fans as well as those who have never seen the show or read the books!  It’s a fun way to meet new people during a friendly competition.  It’s on Friday night at 8pm at Fox & Hound.


  • Delegate Orientation!  This starts at 8am on Saturday morning.  While it’s only required for the 2 chapter delegates, the event is open to everyone looking to brush up on Robert’s Rules with Parliamentarian Matt Holderly.


  1. Medieval Times!  This should be a unique and fun time!

There will also be a Ritual Workshop and GCD Workshop following lunch, so be sure to check the agenda.

While it’s important to read and discuss the entire delegate packet with your chapters prior to arrival, I want to direct your attention to a few of the documents.  It is incredibly important to discuss these documents with your chapters before General Session 1!  

  1. MAP Committee Proposals: I cannot emphasize enough that there will be a lot more business to attend to compared to previous Fall conclaves.  Please come prepared!
  2. Grad Development_Scholarship Committee Report: A major decision we plan to make during conclave will be if we would like our scholarship to be a Foundation Scholarship similar to Northern Plains Province or if we would like our scholarship to be specific to Mid-America Province.  Immediate Past Satrap Sarah Kuntz and the Scholarship committee have created a list exploring both options, and it is important for your chapter delegates to gain an understanding about how your chapter feels on this topic.
  3. Fall 2016 MAP Legislative Proposals: There are 13 of them, so please read ahead-of-time!
  4. Updated Risk Management Policy & Procedures:  Vice Satrap Patrice Davis will also be sending out an email on this topic to all registered Brothers.  You must review these documents prior to arrival and follow these national policies and procedures during conclave.

I would like to thank Regent Cony Hartnett, Province Planning Chair Joelitta Ansong and the Brothers of Epsilon Upsilon for hosting this conclave!  I cannot tell you how exciting I am to see you all at conclave!  Conclave is coming!



Minutes for 9/28 Communications Committee Conference Call

Communcations Committee 9.28 Conference Call Minutes


  • Serene (Pi/Project Chair)
  • Jacquelyn (Epsilon Rho)
  • Rebecca Mousseau (Satrap)
  • Mark Abadines (Epsilon Omega/Co-Chair)
    • Watch for Epsilon Omega’s rush schedule on Facebook in the next couple weeks.
  • Emily Hoadley (Pi/Webmaster/Chair)

-Expectations of committee members:

  • Main goal is to bring Brothers closer together outside of conclave meetings
  • Provide committee with updates from your chapter
  • See Description and Charges on Committee page on website.


  • Chapter Snapchats
    • Can people have more than 1 snapchat account on their phone? Most people already have snapchat.
    • Risk Management!
    • Instead, we should promote existing social media (Instagram, etc)
  • Buddy Chapters
    • Everyone really liked the idea
    • Pair with chapters close physically, or farther away to promote brotherhood between the chapters that don’t see each other as much.
    • Encourage a social event between chapters
    • Buddy chapter is also a resource for any questions that come up at your chapter (ex. modifying your pledging process or risk management question)
    • Discuss further at our meeting at conclave!
  • Sharing chapter reports from conclave
    • YES-Discuss more at conclave
    • Emily will look into the website to make sure it can support larger video files.
    • Can have links for youtube videos or Prezis.
    • Put on subpages for each chapter
      • can also put chapter social media/website/notices, etc here
      • Committee members can be responsible for getting info that chapters want on their page.
  • Personal Travel Award
    • brother who visits the most chapters
    • Awards committee already does this
    • We should promote!

-Meeting End-



Fall 2016 Fellowship Award Winners

I would like to announce our Fellowship Award winners for this semester! 🙂
Amolee Patel from Epsilon Rho: “Amolee has worked hard and done an amazing job with the rush video.”
Mark Abadines from Epsilon Omega: “Mark exemplifies all the characteristics of a good brother. He is there whenever you need him, whether it’s school or personal related. His outgoing personality makes him a strong and outspoken leader. If there is one person I can count on to attend a Kappa Psi related event, regardless of what chapter’s event it is, it is Mark. Mark inspires the rest of our chapter to love Kappa Psi as much as he does, and he strives to improve our chapter every day.” -Mary Devereux
Antonio Rodriguez from Epsilon Upsilon: “Because this Brother is a grade A friend who goes above and beyond to always be there for anyone. In addition, Antonio looks out for Brothers of all Chapters.”
Adrian Hollis from Epsilon Rho: “Because Adrian truly exemplifies what Fellowship means in Kappa Psi, always going out of her way to be your friend and look out for you because at her core, that’s who she is.”
Jill Shah from Delta Nu: “Always bubbly and fun, Jill always comes out to KY events and always is the person to be around!”
Suzanne Salutric from Epsilon Upsilon: “Suzanne goes above and beyond to exemplify Fellowship in all aspects of her life. She values her relationships with all of her brothers and it shows through her attitude and actions. She never takes a step forward without forgetting to turn around an ask if any of her brothers need any help. She is selfless and kindhearted and dedicates those aspects of herself towards making the Kappa Psi brotherhood the best that it can be.” –Megan Chan
Huge THANK YOU to everyone that took the time to nominate their fellow Brothers. This all made me so happy to read, my heart is swelling at the display of Fellowship I see not from our nominees but also those who nominated. You are all so very awesome and wonderful and I’m so excited to everyone sharing how great our Brotherhood is!
Never been more PTBYB,
MAP Chap ❤

2016-2017 Parliamentarian’s Corner 3: Tabling

Motion to Lay on the Table – aka Tabling a Main Motion

Purpose: As we discussed previously, a huge advantage to utilizing Robert’s Rules is that it provides structure to our meetings and designates methods for achieving various goals. Sometimes, a topic currently under discussion (main motion) must be set aside in order to allow for urgent or necessary business to be addressed first. Robert’s Rules accounts for this situation with a motion allowing a topic to be “laid on the table” – better known as “tabling”. Since this motion can be confusing, sometimes it is used incorrectly. That is why we are addressing it for September’s Parliamentarian’s Corner.

How it Works: The motion to lay on the table allows an assembly to lay a motion or series of motions temporarily aside to allow for urgent or necessary business. After dispensing of the urgent or necessary business, a motion to take from the table should be provided to allow the assembly to resume its previous business.

Should there be no time remaining at the current meeting, the business that has been laid on the table should be taken up during the next meeting. If the motions or series of motions is not taken from the table at the subsequent meeting, all motions that were laid on the table during the initial meeting are considered defeated and may not be reconsidered in the same form at a later date.

The motions to lay on the table and take from the table take precedence over the vast majority of motions. These two motions require a “second” from another Brother, but are not debatable (do not qualify for an allotted amount of debate time). Therefore, a vote should be taken immediately after the motion is made and seconded. A simple majority of 50% +1 Brothers attending the assembly and voting affirmatively are needed for passage of either motion.


  • Your Chapter is discussing a motion to establish an annual blood drive with a total budget of $500 to be held in conjunction with the American Red Cross.
  • An amendment is made to increase the budget to $600 to allow for additional supplies
  • 5 minutes of the allotted 15 minutes of discussion has transpired for the amendment
  • A Brother notices that there are only 15 minutes remaining until the meeting will be concluded, and your chapter must discuss the date/time of your next meeting (what the Brother considers to be more urgent business).
  • This Brother may make a motion to lay the amendment and main motion on the table.
  • A vote on laying the motions on the table should be held immediately and, should 50% + 1 Brothers agree, the motions are successfully laid on the table temporarily.
    • If the chapter only takes 5 minutes to decide the date/time of the next meeting…
      • A Brother may make a motion to take the motion (total budget of annual blood drive) from the table
      • Then, discussion of the amendment (increasing the budget to $600) will resume with 10 minutes of debate remaining.
    • If the chapter takes 15 minutes to decide the date/time of the next meeting….
      • During the next meeting, a motion to take these motions from the table should be provided to allow for continued discussion.
      • Again, discussion of the amendment (increasing the budget to $600) will resume with 10 minutes of debate remaining.
    • If the motion is not taken from the table at the initial meeting or next meeting, all motions that were laid on the table will be defeated

Two other similar motions exist, which are those to postpone until a specified time or indefinitely. These options will be discussed during the October Parliamentarian’s Corner.

Conference Call Details


The Communications Committee meeting is tomorrow, Wednesday, September 28th, at 7pm!  I have the information below with the number to call in for access to the conference call and the tentative agenda (subject to change).

We will be discussing and brainstorming potential project ideas for this year with a goal of increasing communications and intra-fraternal bonding between chapters, so come prepared with ideas!  

And finally, please shoot me a quick email/text/facebook message to let me know if you will or will not be attending this conference call and conclave!


Emily Hoadley, MAP Webmaster

Participants:      Dial +1 641-715-3836      Participant Access Code 300663#

Communications Committee Agenda 9/28/16

  • Attendance
  • Welcome/Introductions:
    1. Name, chapter, hometown, something about k psi (why you joined, favorite memory, plans for the year, something like that)
  • Expectations of Committee members
  • Discussion

For each idea discuss: like/dislike, how this would benefit MAP, feasibility, what would need to be done to make it happen, should our committee handle it, etc…

  1. Chapter Snapchats
  2. List of each chapter’s social media accounts
  3. Buddy Chapters
  4. Share chapter reports from conclave
  5. Personal travel award
    1. For the brother(s) who visit the most chapters
  6. Open forum for ideas from committee members