Conference Call Doodle

Hi Brothers!

I hope everyone is doing well so far! It’s time for our first conference call. I have made a doodle poll with a due date of this Friday September 16th by 11:59pm.  Our conference call will be in the next 2 weeks on the date that the most people are available. Let’s schedule it to be an hour long (just in case we have tons of ideas, but I feel like it will be done sooner than that). Please fill this out ASAP so I can get the conference call scheduled! I am looking forward to hearing from everyone!
Emily Hoadley

Committee Welcome Email

Hi Brothers!

Welcome to the Mid-America Province Communications Committee! I am so excited to meet and work with all of you this year!!

Below I have included the official description and charges for the committee.  I just want to highlight the two main goals I have for our committee: Chapter Relations and National Updates. I hope that this committee can help bring chapters closer together throughout the entire year and improve relationships and brotherhood events between chapters beyond conclave meetings and keep every chapter up to date with MAP and International Kappa Psi news.
As a committee member, each of you will have 2 main responsibilities.  1) Providing me/the committee with updates from your chapter and 2) providing your chapter with updates/news from MAP and the International Google Group. Specific details will be discussed in our conference calls and emails. I am planning on having periodic conference calls throughout the year. Our first one will be closer to the fall so keep your eye out for updates about that.
I know that things are a little slow for a lot of chapters over the summer, so I’m not planning on having a conference call or doing anything super official until sometime around August-September.  If you do anything fun with Brothers over the summer take a picture or two and send them to me to share with MAP!!
If you have any specific questions or ideas or anything that you think would be awesome for MAP or this committee (or just questions in general) please feel free to email me at any time!!
PTBYB, Emily

Treasurer Bio

Tierney Mull, Mid-America Province Treasurer

My home will forever be with Pi Chapter at Purdue University! Kappa Psi was a smaller chapter at Purdue and included well known faculty; I figured this was going to help me build stronger connections with others in my class and build my professional network.  I had no idea it was going to introduce me to hundreds of brothers while I was traveling through and to at least 4 states thus far and allow me to develop unique leadership skills incomparable to any other experience I have ever had.

In addition to serving as your MAP Treasurer, I am also in the midst of my rotation year and working part-time for CVS Pharmacy.  I believe that retail will be the way my professional career will continue once I graduate, but I have learned that things literally can change overnight.  One particular rotation I have enjoyed was at a local retail specialty store in my hometown.  The personal time you get to spend on patient cases or with patients individually made a lasting impact on the thoughts I now have about my career path.  It’s a complete 180 from general retail.  Seeing as my mom was my biggest inspiration for joining this career, I’d like her to look down from above and see me helping others in ways I only wish I could have helped her.

So, now to more fun stuff.  Do I really have time for fun stuff right now?  Believe it or not, I do!  I enjoy taking spontaneous weekend trips to the bigger cities around me like Indy, Cincinnati and Nashville.  I love rollercoasters and theme parks, but I am even more excited for the haunted houses to open this fall!  And my inner-nerd loves to read, sadly I don’t do much of that leisurely now since I’m busy reading journal clubs every other week.

Well, I guess that’s all for now!  Don’t be shy to come say hello at Province! Thanks for reading!

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2016 Fall Conclave

The Brothers of Epsilon Upsilon are excited to announce that registration for the Mid-America Province Fall Conclave 2016 is now open! Please join us October 7-8 at the Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy in Schaumburg, IL.

Please visit for information about registration, hotel accommodations, and the agenda. Early Registration is $65 for Collegiate Brothers and $75 for Graduate Brothers and is open until September 9. After that registration is $75 for Collegiate Brothers and $85 for Graduate Brothers with a final deadline of September 21. Due to venue capacity, attendance is limited to 160 people, so register as soon as you can!

We can’t wait to see you there! If you have any questions, please contact Joelitta Ansong at or myself at


Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes Events

The MAP Philanthropy Committee is excited to promote several Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes Events this fall. Please consider joining one of these teams in reaching our goals! Even if you cannot join us, promote these events on Facebook, Twitter, etc! For more important details about each walk, refer to the emails that have been send out, but here are the events we hope you can join us for:

Indianapolis, IN on August 27th @ White River State Park- Celebration Plaza
– To join/donate/view our team page for the Indy event:…
– Primary Contact for this event: Sarah Firmani

Saint Louis, MO on September 10th @ Six Flags: Saint Louis
– To join/donate/view our team page for the Saint Louis event:…
– Primary Contact for the St. Louis event: Lauren Palmier

Chicago, IL on September 24th (@ Didier Farms in Buffalo Grove) AND/OR October 15th (@ Montrose Harbor)
– To join/donate/view our team page for the Chicago, IL events:…
– Primary Contact for the Buffalo Grove event: Elmor Pineda
– Primary Contact for Montrose Harbor event: TBD

Kansas City, MO on September 17th @ Theis Park
– To join/donate/view our team page for the Kansas City, MO event:…
– Primary Contact for this event: Jessica Chang

Springfield, MO on October 1st @ Hammons Field
– To join/donate/view our team page for the Springfield, MO event:…
– Primary Contact for this event: Jessica Schuler

There are more details about each event within the links, so feel free to take a look! If you are participating, please remember to fill out this google form, even if you’re virtually participating! Thanks!…

August 2016 Satrap’s Corner

August 26th, 2016

Hello Brothers,

I am pleased to bring you this month’s “behind-the-scenes” glimpse into Mid-America Province Executive Committee business!  The executive committee is getting SO EXCITED about the upcoming conclave hosted by Epsilon Upsilon!  Register ASAP here:!  The deadline for early registration is September 9th, but don’t wait.  Register today!  Okay, I sound like an infomercial….but it’s seriously gonna be awesome!  The agenda along with information about the weekend itinerary can also be located on the website.  Awesome job to Brothers Cony Hartnett and Joelitta Ansong as well as all the Brothers from Epsilon Upsilon who are putting in so much hard work to get this conclave planned!  Special shout out to Brother Brandon Swinford for the web design.

Don’t forget to submit your signed delegate/proxy sheets by September 7th, 1 month before conclave!  Collegiate chapters will also need to submit their signed Risk Management Emergency Contact Forms.  The deadline for your chapter reports/videos will be coming up, so be sure to look out for emails from Vice Satrap Patrice Davis on behalf of the Risk Management Committee.  The Philanthropy Committee is hard at work coordinating teams for the Step Out diabetes walks, so be sure to participate!  There are events all over our province, so it’s easier for everyone to participate.  This is a wonderful way for Brothers from multiple chapters to get to know each other, while supporting an important cause that is so relevant for us as healthcare providers.

Check out our new pinned post on facebook created by Webmaster Emily Hoadley to help everyone finds important links more easily!

Thanks for reading, and I am so excited to see you all at conclave coming up!



Alternate GCC Delegate Bio

Greetings Brothers! My name is Stephen Jankovic and I am beyond excited to be your Mid-America Province Alternate GCC Delegate for the 58th Grand Council Convention! I pledged Kappa Psi in 2013 through Epsilon Upsilon. As a collegiate Brother, I served my chapter as the Member at Large, GCC Delegate for the 56th GCC, and Regent. On the province level, I have previously served as the MAP Vice Satrap from 2014-2015. Outside of Kappa Psi I am currently a clinical staff pharmacist at Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Joliet, IL. I am also in the process of becoming a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist (BCPS) and will be taking my board in September-October. My wife and I are also expecting our first child in September!”

 My goals as a MAP Officer this year include obtaining 100% delegate attendance from all MAP chapters at the upcoming 58th GCC. One of the ways I hope to accomplish this is by working closely with each chapter to identify any potential barriers/challenges they may and offer assistance and solutions to overcome these challenges. MAP GCC Delegate Antonio and I are already hard at work planning a GCC ‘Boot Camp’ to help ensure that chapters and their delegates prepared to get the most out of GCC! If any Brothers have any questions about the overall GCC experience (what its like, how to prepare as a delegate, etc.) or Kappa Psi in general, please feel free to contact me anytime at

2016-2017 Parliamentarian’s Corner 2: Chapter Meetings

As discussed in the Uniform By-Laws (Graduate and Collegiate Uniform By-Law X), the (abbreviated) order of business for Chapter meetings is bolded below. Please consult the Rituals Book for the full list and order of official business:

Call to order (via proper methods)


  • Ritual should be used to open meetings once it has been determined that quorum has been attained.
  • Ritual should only be completed when in a private, secured location.
  • Do not utilize ritual when in doubt.


Discussion and eventual approval of minutes of the previous meeting(s)


  • The Secretary should create a clean and clear draft of the meeting minutes after the conclusion of every meeting for approval at the next meeting.
  • Ensure that the draft copy of the meeting minutes under discussion at the present meeting have been made available to Brothers in advance to facilitate discussion.
  • Display an electronic copy of the meeting minutes during the meeting (if possible) to facilitate discussion of what was written in the draft copy of the minutes.
  • Often, a motion is made to “suspend the rules to bypass the reading of the minutes” which, if approved, allows the Chapter to approve the minutes without reading them orally in their entirety.
  • This requires an affirmative vote of 2/3 of the members present.
  • Meeting minutes must be approved before they are considered final, official records of business conducted by the Chapter.
  • Should the meeting minutes not be initially approved, corrective action must be taken to amend the minutes until they are approved by the Chapter. Business should not proceed until the minutes of the previous meeting have been approved.


Reports of the Officers


  • Each Officer should submit a report of some kind to detail progress on their duties.
  • Such reports need not be read orally during the meeting if other pressing business needs to be addressed.
  • Officers may simply state “Please refer to my report for further information”.
  • In this case, such reports should be provided to the Chapter in advance, if possible.
  • Officers should allow Brothers an opportunity to ask questions regarding the topics discussed in the report.


Committee Reports

  • Committee Chairs should follow the same procedure as previously discussed in the Reports of the Officers section.

Unfinished Business

  • This includes any business that was delayed or unfinished during the previous meeting(s).
    • Unfinished business should be completed before attending to new business to ensure that all business is provided with a reasonable amount of time for discussion/debate.

New Business

  • New business allows Brothers the opportunity to raise any question, topic of discussion, or motion of their choosing.
    • As such, Regents and/or Chapter Parliamentarians must have a fundamental knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order to ensure that they are prepared to lead discussions regarding any topic that may arise during this section of the meeting.


  • This provides Brothers the opportunity to discuss and provide necessary announcements for causes that are in need of Brotherly support.



  • Meetings should be ended via the proper Ritual.
  • Ritual should only be completed when in a private, secured location.
  • Do not utilize ritual when in doubt.
  • Ensure that all ritual items have been collected and are ready to be placed under lock and key once the meeting has concluded.
  • When possible be sure to provide Brothers with the date and time for the upcoming, subsequent meeting.



Historian Bio

I joined Kappa Psi because I really liked the brotherhood that they showed at the rush events. I felt welcomed when I was at the events and have made some of the most amazing friends through the organization. My favorite memory while being in Kappa Psi has to be going to GCC last summer. I got to meet brothers from all over the country and get to bond with brothers from our province that I normally do not get to see. Besides being Province Welcome Chair for the 2015 spring province, I have just been an active brother. I have been involved on the pledging committee in my home chapter and a part of the awards committee on the province level. I am currently a 4th year pharmacy student that is on rotations. When I do get some free time, I love to hangout with my friends and family and dance. I am really excited for all that the MAP E-Board has planned for this coming year and look forward to getting to meet more brothers.

-Jill Shah

Immediate Past Satrap Bio

Sarah is an Initiate of Pi Chapter at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN and graduated in May 2014. She currently is a member of Kansas City Grad Chapter. As a Brother of Kappa Psi, Sarah served as Pi Chapter Vice-Regent, Professional Projects Chair, and Pledge Class President along with her term as Mid-America Province Secretary. She has also become involved in APhA, ASHP, and the Indiana Pharmacist Alliance. What Sarah loves most about Kappa Psi are the friendships she has made over the years and the opportunities the Fraternity has given her both personally and professionally. She states that if it wasn’t for Kappa Psi and the amazing connections she has made, she would not be where she is today. It was through Kappa Psi that she found her PGY1 residency, which has led to her dream job in oncology. Upon graduation from her PGY1 residency at Mercy Hospital in Springfield, MO, Sarah plans on staying at Mercy and continuing her career as a clinical pharmacist and part of their oncology team. Along with finding her dream job through Kappa Psi, Sarah is also married to her husband, Aaron, a 2008 initiate of Pi Chapter.