Province Supervisors

Meet the Province Supervisors


Supervisor – Janice Louie (

Our new supervisor, Janice, joined Kappa Psi with the Beta Pi Chapter at Washington State University. She has served as the Beta Pi Regent, Province X GCC Alternate Delegate, Province X Vice-Satrap, Province X Satrap, Seattle Grad Regent, Seattle Grad Chaplain, Atlantic Province Assistant Supervisor, Pacific West Supervisor, and Delta Mu Co-GCD. Janice is also a member of the Washington State Pharmacy Association, Rho Chi, ASHP, APHA, ACCP, and NCPA. Her favorite part of Kappa Psi is the Networking!  And through it, she has maintained great friendships that are spread throughout the country.  And no matter which province or GCC meeting she is at, she knows she will see them there! Janice was interested in being the Mid-America Province Supervisor because she believes it’s important that once you are a Grad Brother to pay it forward.  Being a supervisor and GCD are one of many ways.  Through her experiences in her chapter, province, and visiting other provinces, she hopes to provide insight to the younger Brothers.  At the same time, she is always learning from the Collegiate Brothers. Along with being a Brother of Kappa Psi, Janice likes to live in the moment, so she never regrets anything in life. She loves to take chances and be adventurous, which is why she travels so much.  Caring for others has always been her priority.  This is reflected in her relationships with family, friends, and patients.  She likes to stay busy, so she has a lot of energy and never wants to waste time. She is passionate in the things that matter to her most.  In the end of it all, she is a girl who just likes to have fun and laugh all the time! She went skydiving for the first time last summer, and she likes to scuba dive whenever she can.  She is planning on taking a 2-3 month trip to South America, Australia, and New Zealand in 2016-2017.



Assistant Supervisor – Christyn Mullen-Lee (

As our new Assistant Province Supervisor, Christyn Mullen-Lee, plans to  help MAP with as much collegiate and graduate development as possible and to help all Brothers get the most out of Kappa Psi. She was interested in the position because she really wanted more involvement on a Province level and was very interested in being able to serve as a mentor to other Brothers.  As an alumni of Howard University College of Pharmacy, Christyn works as a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Ambulatory Care at the North Texas VA Healthcare System. She is also one of the coordinators for the PGY1 Pharmacy Residency Program. She is also a member of ASHP, APhA, and ACCP. Christyn is fun, outgoing, and always willing to try new things. Her personality and experience in Kappa Psi as a President of Pledge Line, Vice-Regent, Regent, Secretary of Province III, Satrap of Province III, and Committee Chair of the National Pledging Committee make her a great asset to Mid-America Province. Christyn’s most loved part of Kappa Psi is how we all share a common love for pharmacy and an even greater love for brotherhood. She has made some lifelong friends in Kappa Psi and she can’t imagine her life without them! She also has some great memories with the Fraternity including when her volleyball team won First Place in the sand volleyball tournament during the 56th GCC in St. Petersburg, Florida! She can’t wait to make more memories with Mid-America Province.